210T Pongee fabric

pongee umbrella

Pongee fabric umbrella

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Transparent fabric umbrella

rpet fabric umbrellas

rpet fabric umbrella

teflon coated umbrella

teflon coated fabric umbrella

uv blocker umbrellas

UV blocker Fabric Umbrella

oxford beach umbrella

oxford fabric beach umbrella

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polyester fabric umbrella

nylon umbrellas

nylon fabric umbrella

210T Pongee fabric is a new type of fabric.

It has the following characteristics: the fabric feels like cotton, and the light resistance is good. The cost of 210T Pongee fabric is relatively high, the UV protection function, the quality stability, and the color grade are ideal. It is a better umbrella fabric, generally, 210T Pongee fabric Only used in high-end umbrella styles. Therefore, it is a medium-to-high-end fabric for retail umbrellas.

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