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Best Fabric for Sun Protection

The Black coating fabric is an umbrella fabric with UV protection. It is an upgrade of the silver coating fabric. The colorful coating fabric is also an upgrade of the silver coating fabric, and the shading performance is stronger than that of the silver coating fabric.

Some consumers think that the thicker the sun umbrella, the better the UV protection performance, but a thin and very tight fabric, the protective performance is much better than the general fabric; in addition, the color of the umbrella does not affect the resistance to ultraviolet light. The test found that the color of the umbrella fabric has little effect on the protective effect, and the light-colored umbrella and the color-dark umbrella have similar indexes such as the transmittance of ultraviolet B.

International standards for the UV protection of textiles are generally assessed using UPF values, ie UV protection factor values. The UPF value is the ratio of the average amount of ultraviolet light to the unprotected skin. The larger the UPF value, the better the UV protection performance. The upcoming national standard stipulates: Only when UPF>30, and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, can it be called UV protection product, the protection grade is UPF30+; and when UPF>50, it indicates the product Excellent UV protection and protection rating UPF50+.

1. ordinary silver coating fabric

The earliest, first-grade UV-resistant fabric is brushed on the general fabric to play the role of sunscreen. The disadvantage is that the sunscreen effect is general. UPF>30%

2. Ultra-fine encryption silver coating fabric

An upgraded version of the ordinary silver coating fabric, the silver coating is not easy to fall off. UPF>35%

3. Pearl glue fabric:

Brush on the umbrella surface, silver in the sun, sunscreen, easy to fall off, UPF>30%

4. double-sided silver coating fabric

Such as snowy wind, zero transmittance, 100% UV protection, 41% cooling effect. The paradise umbrella is more representative of the sun protection function of the ultra-violet umbrella. UPF=100%

5. double-sided color coating fabric

silver glue inside the umbrella, the umbrella surface is advanced technology, colorful color glue. Not easy to fall off. UPF=100%

6. black coating fabric

Umbrella printing color pattern or logo or blank, black coating inside the umbrella, or black coating on the outer layer, the sunscreen function is better than silver glue. UPF>50%

7. crystal glue fabric

ultra-thin fabric, super UV-proof, looks like natural marble. Does not fade. UPF>99%

8. Titanium coating fabric

It is the most advanced sunscreen fabric in the world. It is ultra-thin, environmentally friendly and 99% UV-resistant. The cooling effect is very good, the umbrella surface is woven by the encrypted molecules, and there is a strong water-repellent function. Umbrella fabric is titanium metal color, bright and dazzling, and expensive. UPF>99%.

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