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Many leading suppliers, nowadays, offer cheap prices and free shipping for an extensive range of good quality but cheap umbrellas. They are great to be used as an inexpensive and excellent marketing tool, which will provide a solid platform for promoting company or brand names and discovering many new customers.

1. Many wholesale retailers proudly offer premier quality promotional, beach and golf umbrellas at relatively cheap prices. They have superb quality EVA handles, sturdy aluminum frames with a fiberglass-reinforced plastic insert and specially designed canopies to resist any bad weather. Teflon coating is used in some of them, to prevent any dirt accumulation on the top of the canopy of the good quality but cheap umbrellas.

2. Some have really beautiful, delicate floral patterns, which look stunning from far away. The automatic ones are incredibly strong, classy and easy to use, too. They look quite bulky as well with an exceptionally strong frame and can withstand any powerful wind or rain. The sun-blocking or sun screening designs work quite well against any skin-damaging UV rays.

3. Auto Wooden or Metal Stick Umbrella with different rib length, are also available at cheap prices. They have an auto-open mechanism, with metal or wood shafts. Their metal ribs are usually zinc-plated, and also have a wood crook or plastic handle, with wood or plastic tips.

4. The fabric which is used in most of them is mainly polyester, available in a large variety of bright colors, prints, and designs. Some also have heat transfer pictures, on them, which look fabulous from a distance. With so many different designs, styles, sizes, and colors, out there, you can quite easily choose the one, which are the best cheap umbrellas for you and your family.

5. Many leading stores offer a huge variety of products, like UV protection umbrellas, Golf umbrellas, Sun umbrellas, Rain umbrellas, Men and Ladies umbrellas, Parasols, and Children’s umbrellas. Basic materials used in making them are Color grid, Flash color cloth, Pearl cloth, Satin, Nylon-Polyester, and Carom cloth. Few exotic designs also feature traditional embroidery from various parts of the world.

These good qualities and affordable products will allow companies to identify any new customers more frequently. They are all quite attractive designs, with qualities of being noticed by people form a long-distance away. Many of these high quality but cheap umbrellas are not only to shield people from heavy rain or strong sun rays, but also to advertise a business or a company name in the best possible way. So in a way, they are doing a number of different jobs at a time. By exhibiting these products with your logo or details on, you are making a great impact on people’s mind. This will make it easier for them to go for your product, every time they need one, and to recommend it to their families and friends, as well.

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