corporate branded umbrellas

Unit Price: USD2.84$~ USD4.88$
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Model Number: SZTOW00067
Golf umbrella
Automatic Open Manual Close
Features: Vented Layer
Item Size: 54 inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 120cm
Cloth Color: Customize
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Screen printing
Pole: Fiberglass
Ribs: Fiberglass
Plastic handle
Pouch: Printing corporate branded

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corporate gifts umbrellas

Custom corporate branded umbrellas

The corporate branded umbrellas combined together with the company name becomes an exceptionally recognized brand name. Corporate branding services allow a company to advertise its diversified products under the umbrellas. Such practice is often referred to as ‘Umbrella Branding’.

A business whether it is start-up or emergent should concentrate critically on establishing its viable identity in the market, which can only be achieved through promotions and branding services. A corporate image is perceived to be owned only by huge and big enterprises whereas the truth is totally opposite. The journey of success for any business starts off with a small venture which eventually flourishes into a big corporate identity and is often recognized as one of the best, among its competitors. Your business image is communicated through a properly designed logo and influential branding services of your product, for capturing your target market and significant number of customers. Your marketing strategy should include umbrellas, business cards, posters, banners, etc. and most significantly an impressive logo, designed professionally and creatively by an expert. All these tools can play a vital role in competently marketing your brand name and building your corporate visibility.

Strong Corporate Branding can empower umbrellas that company puts out with instant reputation and value that differentiates it in ways that simply can’t be reproduced with a product-focused marketing campaign. It’s much like how a family’s reputation can precede that of an individual family member, resulting in very real pre-judgment and prejudices about that person. In fact, the true nature of the individual may prove inconsequential if his family’s reputation is strong enough. People will already have their mind made up about him, good or bad, before they ever meet him.


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