custom fold up umbrella

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Keywords: custom fold up umbrella
Model Number: SZTOW00367
Fold umbrella
Automatic Open Automatic Close
Features: Single Layer
Item Size: 23 inches 10 Panels
Open diameter: 102cm
Cloth Color: Blue, Black or other
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Silkscreen printing
Pole: Metal
Ribs: Metal+ Fiberglass
Rubber plastic handle
Pouch: The same as umbrella cloth

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Introduction to the basic structure of custom fold up umbrella

The umbrella industry continues to develop and expand, and all kinds of umbrellas appear in people’s life. For example, umbrellas with radios, umbrellas with lights, umbrellas with bicycles, umbrellas for blind people, etc. Life brings convenience to people’s lives. These types of folding umbrellas are all three-fold umbrellas. They are the most widely used and universal. What is the basic structure? Let us take a look.

First, when the umbrella is used, fold the umbrella and ignore the pleats on the umbrella surface. After storage, you can see a cylinder.

Second, the total length of the pull rods of the folding umbrella is 560mm, and the pull rods are both ends. Most umbrellas are like this.

Third, the skeleton on the umbrella surface is the structure of the rod, which can be found by sliding the rod to the top. After the opening, the umbrella surface is an octagonal shape. It can be said that all the umbrella surfaces are octagonal; if you want to fix and retract the umbrella surface, you can rely on a button on the lever to press the button. .

The general folding umbrella structure is the same in large diameter, only the difference in size, the difference is used in different ranges, each umbrella has its purpose, the scientific development leads people’s life more quickly, everywhere in life The development of the umbrella can be seen. I hope that the development of umbrella will be more rapid, speed up the pace of reform and innovation, and bring us different enjoyment.

Advantages and disadvantages of different custom fold up umbrella types

As a necessity of life, umbrellas appear in daily life all the time. Whether it is sunny or rainy, umbrellas will appear in people’s field of vision. It can shelter people from rain and snow. There are many types of folding umbrellas. Different umbrellas have their shortcomings and advantages. Let us know the type of umbrellas.

The simplest type is straight umbrella, because the umbrella is a fold, very durable, this is the first choice of people, but a folding umbrella is relatively long, it is not convenient to carry, and gradually left people’s lives.

There are also two folding umbrellas, which are mostly used for high-grade umbrellas. The advantage is that the shape is more beautiful, the carrying is convenient, the space is small, the effect is obvious, and the quality is also very good. The only downside is that the weight is heavier.

Among the folding umbrellas, the most popular ones are three-fold umbrellas. The general umbrellas and parasols are all tri-folded. The design is simple but economical. It is completely in line with people’s lives and is popular. It is relatively standard overall.

There is also an umbrella that is a five-fold umbrella. The biggest advantage is that it is small. Whether it is length or volume, it is the smallest of the folding umbrellas, but it is also its shortcoming. It has no practicality. If it is subjected to heavy wind and heavy rain, its rib is Unable to withstand the wind and rain.

Different umbrellas have different types, but they also have their necessities. Each umbrella has its advantages and proves to be useful.


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