custom garden umbrellas

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Model Number: SZTOW00345
Patio Umbrellas
Manual Open Manual Close
Features: Vented Layer
Item Size: 48 inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 210cm
Cloth Color: Customized
Umbrella Fabric: 210D Oxford
Printing: Customer design
Pole: Metal
Ribs: Metal
Base: Metal
Pouch: PP bag

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How to choose garden umbrellas?

1. When selecting the umbrella surface, the anti-ultraviolet performance of the umbrella which is obviously sparse in fabric textile is generally poor, and consumers are cautiously buying.

2, due to the shrinkage of the fabric, when buying sunshade, the umbrella surface should be large and not small.

3. The color of the fabric is related to the UV protection performance. Under the same conditions, the darker the color of the fabric, the better the UV resistance. In contrast, black, navy, dark green, lighter blue, light pink, light yellow and other UV-resistant properties are better.

4, should carefully check the protection level mark before purchase.

5, choose brand-name products, beware of ordinary umbrellas to fill the fake anti-UV umbrella.

6, according to the fabric properties of the umbrella surface to preliminarily determine the UV protection performance.

7, sun protection umbrella can not prevent ultraviolet light, fabric texture is not the most important, the main manufacturer is what kind of technical treatment of the fabric.

What are you paying attention to when using garden umbrellas?

1. When handling the outdoor umbrellas in Dalian, take care of them and don’t lose them.

2, the package should be opened, do not blindly use a knife to scrape, easy to cause the tarpaulin to be scratched.

3, when the code is placed, it should be erected, do not stack, in order to prevent the top of the cloth from accidentally crushing and tearing.

4. Before using the outdoor umbrella in Dalian, check whether the screws on the cross pipe are tightened.

5. When any outdoor bracket is found to be bent or deformed, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance and the operation can be continued after troubleshooting.

6. When several outdoor umbrellas are operated in tandem, the outdoor parasol legs that are adjacent to the outdoor parasols and the outdoor parasols should be bundled with cables or ropes to make them a whole to enhance their wind resistance.


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