custom large golf umbrellas

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Keywords: custom large golf umbrellas
Model Number: SZTOW00162
Golf Umbrella
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Features: Double Layer
Item Size: 68 inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 152cm
Fabric Color: Customized
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Screen printing
Pole: Fiberglass
Ribs: Fiberglass
Plastic handle
Pouch: Printing same as umbrella canopy

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fiberglass golf umbrella

Compared with aluminum frame and iron frame, the fiberglass golf umbrella has the characteristics of no rust, high-temperature resistance, wind and rain resistance, and the frame is strong and durable.

Umbrella Item

Size: 27inches 8K

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Keywords: fiberglass golf umbrella

Model Number: SZTOW00162

Umbrella cloth

color: Black

Customize color: Acceptable

logo printing: Crep

Customize brand or logo: Acceptable

Umbrella Frame

tips: plastic

Ribs: Fiberglass


Grip Plastic handle

Fiberglass is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has many advantages, such as good insulation, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, but the disadvantage is that it is brittle and wear resistance is poor. It is made of seven kinds of ore of pyrophyllite, quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, borosilicate and borax as raw materials through high-temperature melting, drawing, winding and weaving. The diameter of the monofilament is several. Micron to twenty micrometers, equivalent to 1/20-1/5 of a hair strand, each bundle of fiber strands consists of hundreds or even thousands of monofilaments. Glass fiber is commonly used as a reinforcing material in composite materials, electrical insulating materials and thermal insulation materials, circuit boards and other fields of the national economy.

Main ingredient
Its main components are silica, alumina, calcium oxide, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide, etc., according to the alkali content of the glass, can be divided into alkali-free glass fiber (sodium oxide 0% to 2%, belonging to aluminum Borosilicate glass), medium alkali glass fiber (8% to 12% sodium oxide, sodium or calcium silicate glass containing boron or boron) and high alkali glass fiber (more than 13% sodium oxide, sodium calcium) Silicate glass).

main feature
Raw materials and their applications: Glass fiber is more resistant to temperature than non-combustible, non-combustible, anti-corrosive, heat-insulating, sound-insulating, high tensile strength and good electrical insulation. However, it is brittle and has poor abrasion resistance. Used to make reinforced plastics (see color drawings) or reinforced rubber. As a reinforcing fiber, glass fiber has the following characteristics. These characteristics make the use of glass fiber much wider than other types of fibers, and the development speed is far ahead of its characteristics as listed below:
(1) High tensile strength and small elongation (3%).
Glass fiber cut yarn
Glass fiber cut yarn
(2) High modulus of elasticity and good rigidity.
(3) The amount of elongation in the elastic limit is large and the tensile strength is high, so the absorption impact energy is large.
(4) It is an inorganic fiber, which is incombustible and chemically resistant.
(5) The water absorption is small.
(6) Scale stability and heat resistance are good.
(7) It has good processability and can be used as a product of different forms such as strands, bundles, felts and woven fabrics.
(8) Transparent and transparent to light.
(9) The development of a surface treatment agent excellent in adhesion to a resin is completed.
(10) The price is cheap.
(11) It is not easy to burn, and it can be melted into glassy beads at high temperature.

Fiberglass effect:
1. Reinforce rigidity and hardness. The increase of glass fiber can increase the strength and rigidity of plastic, but the toughness of the same plastic will decrease. Example: flexural modulus;
2, improve heat resistance and heat distortion temperature; nylon, for example, increased the fiberglass nylon, the heat distortion temperature is at least doubled, the general glass fiber reinforced nylon temperature can reach 220 degrees or more
3. Improve dimensional stability and reduce shrinkage;
4. Reduce warpage deformation;
5. Reduce creep;
6, the flame retardant performance due to the wick effect, will interfere with the flame retardant system, affecting the flame retardant effect;
7. Reduce the gloss of the surface;
8. Increase hygroscopicity;
9, glass fiber treatment: the length of glass fiber directly affects the brittleness of the material. If the glass fiber is not handled well, the short fiber will reduce the impact strength, and the long fiber treatment will improve the impact strength. In order to make the brittleness of the material not to drop greatly, it is necessary to select a certain length of glass fiber.
Conclusion: To achieve good impact strength, the surface finish of glass fiber and the length of glass fiber are essential!
Fibrous content: The amount of fiber in the product is also a key issue. China generally takes 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% and other integers, while foreign countries determine the content of glass fiber according to the use of the product.


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