custom reverse umbrellas

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Model Number: SZTOW00245
Reverse umbrellas
Automatic Open Manual Close
Features: Double Layer
Item Size: 23inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 105cm
Cloth Color: customized
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Screen printing, Sublimation printing
Pole: Fiberglass
Ribs: Fiberglass
Handle: C shape plastic
Pouch: the same as umbrella cloth

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Eight advantages of the reverse umbrella

1.REVERSE FOLD TECHNOLOGY – Featuring a new & unique inside out reverse folding windproof frame that allows you to easily enter and exit cars, doors, and other tight spaces without getting wet. The umbrella collapses inwards with its inverted frame to trap any water droplets Inside the canopy to prevent leakage.

2.8 TWIN LAYERED RIBS MADE OF REINFORCED FIBERGLASS – 8 double layered fiberglass ribs offer outstanding wind resistance, and are equipped with a fail-safe inversion technology that allows the reversible frame to invert during extremely high gusts of winds to prevent the ribs from snapping.

3.TEFLON COATING AND DOUBLE LAYERED CANOPY – The top layer is coated with Teflon protective coating that is waterproof causing rain to bead up and dries with just a few shakes of the umbrella. An additional layer is added to the underside of the canopy to protect The ribs from the elements, preventing rust. The large canopy measures 48″ for full protection.

4.SELF STANDING! – When the umbrella is collapsed, it stands up on its own, protecting your precious canopy from dirty floors. Available in a variety of colors and designs that cater to both men and women.

5. Reduce the space required for the umbrella, and fold it up and put it directly on the ground. Opening and closing in the smallest space: When getting on and off the door in rainy weather, you can open and close the umbrella with minimum Space to reduce the degree of wetness.

6, no dripping: Because the umbrella surface is made of hydrophobic coating, it will not cause raindrops to stay in itself, and when the umbrella is closed, the outside becomes the inside. When the umbrella is closed, the rain will be directly trapped Inside the umbrella, and will not follow the The umbrella flows out so it can stay dry.

7, the crowd is easy to open and close: because the opening of the umbrella is facing up, so you can avoid pokes to people around you without having to raise the height.

8. Anti-strong wind: Since the umbrella adopts double spokes, you don’t have to worry if it is blown over by the wind. The button on the handle can restore it to the original shape of the umbrella opening.

What is the reverse umbrellas?

The reverse umbrella is a new type of umbrella. The ribs of the umbrella is exposed. It is just the opposite of the umbrella we use now. This is indeed a functional improvement of the umbrella. This “reverse umbrella” has enhanced wind resistance and Is not longer afraid of being blown over by the wind. When the umbrella is used, the wet side will be collected, so that you can hold a dry umbrella, you can put it in the box, and don’t worry about getting wet The reverse umbrella is designed to reduce the space required for the umbrella when using the reverse umbrella, while ensuring that the rain on the umbrella will not splash on the body. The reverse umbrella is currently popular in China, mainly in the following: First The traditional umbrella needs a large space for collecting umbrellas. Before getting on the bus, it is necessary to first collect the umbrella, and not get on the vehicle first to wet the body. Secondly, the rain drops everywhere, and the umbrella end Continuousl y drip indoors. It will also wet the seat cushion in the car; third, the ribs are easily blown back during the storm, and people are wet for a while. Driving in the rainy days, getting on and off the bus is always wet And the reverse umbrella handles this question very well. It makes the impossible and the umbrellas are opened upwards. This makes it impossible for the wind to blow over the umbrellas, And at the same time, it can be placed directly on the ground after being folded. And the side that is covered with rain will never wet the clothes! Now there are fewer reverse umbrellas on the market, and they are less custom-made. The reverse umbrellas have European double-layered, Japanese-style single-layer, European-style double-layered invisible ribs, and two-day reverse umbrella. The ribs is above the umbrella surface and the ribs can be seen. The new reverse umbrella , you don’t have t o worry about getting the car to get wet in the rainy days, but also clean and tidy; the new reverse umbrella, let you not drive, in the crowded place, the umbrella is more Convenience.

In fact, this invention is based on the drawbacks of the traditional umbrella to do reverse design, so it is called a reverse umbrella, also called an anti-receipt. First of all, the traditional umbrellas need to have enough space to close the umbrella Especially in the rainy days, it is a lot of inconvenience. Heavy rain is like a note,

Before you get into the car, you must first close the umbrella. Before you close the door, the car is wet. The body is also wet. The umbrella is taken in wherever it is wet, where the rain drops. In addition, when The storm is raining, the umbrella is suddenly lowered, it is easy to blow, and the umbrella is gone. Then it is equally embarrassing to get off the bus. You need to open the door enough to open the umbrella. When you stand up The door is wet and the person is wet. The reverse umbrella is based on this reverse design. When the umbrella is closed, the door is quickly opened and the door is closed. Only the thick gap of the arm is The thumb of the umbrella is gently pressed, and the umbrella is lifted up. The side of the rain is confined inside, so that the rain is stored inside, gently recovering the inside of the car, closing the door, and there is No need to worry about the rain falling everywhere. This innovative design is known as “changi Ng the experience of using umbrellas for 3,000 years.

A reverse umbrella that can be folded back, don’t worry about dripping into the house.

This is a subversive umbrella, invented by the 61-year-old British inventor Jenan Kazim. The Kazbrella umbrella opens and converses in the opposite direction, and it can drain the rain that accumulates in the umbrella. The Kazbrella umbrella also avoids the shackles that poke into the heads of passers-by.

The British old man, Jenan Kazim, designed a new type of umbrella that folds inside and prevents rain from flowing to the floor. He hopes that this will completely subvert the current design concept of the umbrella.

Ordinary umbrellas get rain all over when they are put away, but Kazbrella is completely different, it collects rainwater into the umbrella. In addition, the problem of the umbrella frame pokes the passerby’s head has also been solved, because the umbrella is not opened from below at all, it is opened from above.

According to Kazim, the new design means that once the umbrella is closed, the user can keep the body dry for a long time while avoiding injuries in strong winds.

Mr. Kazim is an aerospace engineer whose design inspiration is attributed to his mother-in-law. Because she always complains that ordinary umbrellas will make her floor wet.

His efforts were once thought to be in vain and useless, but he claimed that the umbrella he invented might be hot in the future. The new umbrella is being designed for the final stage, and it will be ready for production in a few months, costing around £45 ($75).

Mr. Kazim said: Many years ago, his wife’s mother returned to the house with an umbrella in the rain. She put away the umbrella, and the umbrella stood there like a normal umbrella. Of course, she got a floor water. “I am a professional engineer and my professionalism will make me think of ways to solve problems.”

The original idea was to subvert the traditional design so that the umbrella was put up more quickly. But it took him some time to think about the specific process.

When Kazbrella is put away, the dry umbrella surface is turned over and the process needs to be supported upwards instead of pulling down like a normal umbrella. Kazbrella won’t let you get a rain when you get home, and you don’t have to work hard to lift it over your head. It won’t poke on the face, once you get in the car, you can smoothly collect the umbrella, and you won’t get rain. This umbrella will not be blown out by the wind, because the inside of the umbrella has already turned outside.

Umbrellas have been around for 3,000 years, and Kazim’s umbrella design represents a new upgrade to the design concept. Although Kazbrella looks like a regular umbrella, it solves the problem that has plagued the umbrella for thousands of years.


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