custom ribs umbrellas

Unit Price:2.87$~5.35$
Keywords: Custom ribs umbrellas
Model Number: SZTOW00520
Fold Umbrellas
Manual Open Manual Close or Automatic open Automatic close
Features: Single Layer
Item Size: 7 ribs, 8 ribs, 9 ribs, 10 ribs, 12 ribs
Open diameter: 96cm, 103cm
Cloth Color: Customized
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Digital printing, screen printing
Pole: Metal
Ribs: metal
Plastic handle
Pouch: The same as umbrella cloth

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custom 3d printing umbrella

Custom quantity ribs umbrellas

Custom quantity 7 ribs, 8 ribs, 9 ribs, 10 ribs, 12 ribs Printing Folding Umbrellas, Produce the most suitable umbrella according to your weight requirements and firmness index.

What is umbrella ribs?

The ribs refer to a frame that supports the umbrella. In 1874, the patent for the curved steel ribs was obtained by the metal wire drawing machine Hawkes in the Deca area near the ear.

Umbrellas ribs material

With the development of technology. Umbrellas have also changed, from the previous oil-paper umbrellas to the current variety of umbrellas. With the change of the umbrella surface, the umbrella ribs have also changed. The former umbrella ribs are mostly wood and bamboo umbrella ribs, and later there are iron ribs, steel ribs, aluminum alloy ribs, fiber ribs, electric ribs and resin ribs. Most of the forms use shrink ribs (slim umbrella), which is light and convenient to carry. Steel ribs are the most durable, not easy to break, and have a long service life. Iron ribs are hard to break, and have good wind resistance. It is easy to rust for a long time. Hundred umbrella nets aluminum ribs, electric ribs, resin ribs are relatively light and portable, and currently the portable series of umbrellas are used more. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fold and the windproof performance is not good.

Umbrella ribs Quantity

The umbrella frame is generally 8~10 ribs, and the maximum can reach 24 ribs, mainly used in the umbrella of the straight rod. Parasols are generally dominated by eight. The more roots are relatively firmer, but they are also relatively heavy. The most common thing we see is the 8ribs


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