Custom Solid Wood Umbrella

Unit Price: USD5.8$ ~ USD11.8$
Model Number: SZTOW00152
Fabric Printing: Customer Design or Customer Branded Logo
Frame: Solid Wood Pole with Handle, Fiberglass Ribs.
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Custom Solid Wood Umbrella with Company Branded Logo from China Towum Factory. The Solid Wood Handle is Integrated with the Solid Wood Pole, There is no Separation.

golf umbrella wooden handle

Natural wood, golf umbrella wooden handle is the body

that is cut and polished by natural wood. This treatment is beautiful and durable.

Umbrella Item

Size: 27inches 8K

Automatic Open Manual Close

Keywords:golf umbrella wooden handle

Model Number: SZTOW00152

Umbrella cloth

color: Black

Customize color: Acceptable

logo printing: customer logo

Customize brand or logo: Acceptable

Umbrella Frame

tips: plastic

Ribs: Fiberglass

Pole: metal

wooden handle

The cavity design reduces the weight of the umbrella and makes it easier for the user. Reduce product materials and be more environmentally friendly. The hollow structure can be put into the handle of the umbrella in rainy days, which is convenient to carry and not easy to lose. At the same time, keep the shape beautiful and simple

The utility model relates to a combined structure, and more particularly to an umbrella handle combination structure. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION There is a combination of an umbrella handle used in the domestic and foreign markets, and a solid handle structure is generally used. The drawback of this type of structure is that it increases the weight of the umbrella. It is easy to make the hands feel sore during use, and the solid handles use more material, which is not conducive to environmental protection.


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