custom tent umbrella

Unit Price:25$~30$
Keywords: custom tent umbrella
Model Number: SZTOW00353
Tent Umbrellas
Manual Open Manual Close
Features: Vented Layer
Item Size: 3M * 3M
Open distance: 3m
Cloth Color: Customized
Umbrella Fabric: 420D Oxford
Printing: Customer design
Pole: Metal
Ribs: Metal
Folded size:148cm*20cm*20cm
packaging: Carton

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What are the advantages of custom tent umbrella?

Although the wine is not afraid of the deep alley, but now facing the competitors in the same industry, want to stand out, personally feel that in addition to high-quality products, propaganda this piece is also to work hard.

When it comes to publicity, you may want to send a leaflet, invite celebrity endorsements, advertise online, use broadcasts, and use custom tent umbrella.

Custom tent umbrella? Perhaps you are still very strange to it, in fact, it is printed on the basis of folding tents; as a new type of advertising carrier, competitors in the same industry choose to buy.

What are the advantages of custom tent umbrella?

Good publicity effect: It can provide a display prop for product promotion, create a promotion environment for product promotion, and add a publicity window for product promotion.

Information dissemination is fast: the information on the tent will be quickly sent back, which is impressive and may bring customers at any time.

Responsive to environmental protection: It can protect the environment, and there will be no paper flying.

Cost savings: The funds used are small and can be recycled, reducing the cost of advertising.

Strong mobility: an outdoor product, wherever you go, the promotion is no longer limited to one place.

No noise: it does not affect the rest of others, but it can spread the information.

Other advantages: It can be used in rainy days, day and night, and the quality is good for a long time.

Custom tent umbrella is a good helper for propaganda, this sentence is not wrong; because of this, the promotion scene, job fairs, corporate events can be seen in it.


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