custom umbrella hats

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Model Number: SZTOW00377
Umbrella Hat
Manual Open Manual Close
Features: Double Layer
Item Size: 13 inches 6 Panels
Open diameter: 53cm
Cloth Color: Customized
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Screen Printing, Sublimation printing
Hat Fame: Plastic
Ribs: plastic
Pouch: PP bag

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Why Not Wear a custom umbrella hat Instead of an Umbrella on Rainy Days?

I think everybody has one hat of some sort at least either for keeping warm or for fashion look. It is true that hat becomes more and more important in our daily life.

At the very beginning hats are designed to protect us from certain elements such as strong sunlight, wind, rain and cold; however, nowadays they play critical roles in fashion world. No matter what roles they play, either as protective accessories or as pick-me-up instruments, they become part of our life that we cannot live without. May be you have the experience of wearing a custom umbrella hat which protects you from the ultraviolet rays in hot summer days, maybe you have the experience of wearing a fur hat which protects you from cold weather. Have you ever worn a custom umbrella hat instead of umbrella in a rainy day? If your answer is no, do not hesitate any more. Just go ahead and buy one particular custom umbrella hat to enjoy different feeling by wearing it rather than taking a heavy big umbrella.

Personally speaking, I do not like taking heavy umbrella when it is raining, because it is inconvenient. I need to handle the wet umbrella carefully and try to find a right place to dry it out, whereas the custom umbrella hat is lightweight. Unlike the umbrella with long and spiky points, custom umbrella hats are portable and friendly. Even a little child can easily deal with it. So there is no need for parents to worry that it will hurt their babies.

Custom umbrella hats come in various types and colors. They are designed ideally that fit all hairstyles. Wearing a colorful umbrella hat surely gives you a sunny mood in a rainy day! Generally, they have the wide brim which protects your head, neck and shoulders from rain. It shields the rain from your eyes and gives you a good visibility and enables you to carry things because your hands are not taken up. Some soft and flexible umbrella hats can be put effortlessly in your pocket or just left in the car. It is very convenient for you in an unpredictable rainy day.

What’s more, wearing a beautiful and fashionable umbrella hat in a rainy day distinct you from others, when most people take unwieldy and bulky umbrella, your custom umbrella hat is truly remarkable and is scenery in the street and it adds different element in a rainy day.


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