custom umbrella with case

Unit Price:3.38$~5.79$
Keywords: custom umbrella with case
Model Number: SZTOW00372
Fold umbrella
Automatic Open Automatic Close
Features: Single Layer
Item Size: 23 inches 8Panels
Open diameter: 102cm
Cloth Color: Customized
Umbrella Fabric: 210T Pongee
Printing Method: Silkscreen printing
Pole: Metal
Ribs: Metal+ Fiberglass
plastic handle
Pouch: The same as umbrella cloth

The meaning of the umbrella custom packaging box

Among the elements of holiday gift packaging design, color can be said to be the most important factor. People know that color is a visual and objective phenomenon. It does not have emotions, associations and symbolic meanings as physical phenomena. When color acts on human visual organs, it will cause visual physiological stimuli and effects. Trigger people’s subtle emotional reactions. People’s perception of color contains certain subjectivity. People’s perception of color and psychological reaction will form specific color emotions, triggering various color associations, and then symbolizing this emotion. When the associative content of color emotions is sublimated from concrete things into abstract emotions and moods, when it becomes a certain symbol of universal significance, it will inertially help people to convey emotions. This kind of self-conceptual to abstract emotion transmission between human beings Form a huge color culture field. Picasso said that color is the same as form, and it is inseparable from our emotions. Color is the most expressive artistic language, which can cause consumers different feelings and associations, resulting in different inertia. For example, red, warm color, high luminosity, giving people a hot, exciting, passionate, is the most motivating color. Red symbolizes joy, auspiciousness, friendship, and sincerity. Chinese folk marriages, festivals, welcoming, congratulations, celebrations, occasions use red things, such as red couplets, double happiness, red light, red candles, red firecrackers, red window grilles. Western countries often use red roses as gifts to show love, friendship, sincerity and beauty. Orange has the characteristics of warmth, lightness and warmth. Orange and gold are close, and there is a sense of dignity, dignity and richness. Warm and neutral, with a refined, gentle, and superb connotation. The brightness is neutral and bright green, with fresh, fresh and vivid life meaning, it also has a sense of peace, security, quietness and intimacy; gold and silver is a brilliant luster, high in luminosity and purity, gold is gold Inherent color, with tough, precious, luxurious characteristics, can express brilliant, bright and beautiful; silver is also shiny, similar to the true color of platinum, silver and gold have precious value beauty, silver brightness, high purity, luster It has a quiet, clean, noble, bright, soft, elegant and holy charm; Valentine’s gift packaging can be decorated with warm and romantic colors, showing a deep affection; folk traditional holiday gifts can be matched with warm, bright, warm colors. Symbolizes the sense of value such as celebration, auspiciousness, friendship, and sincerity.

   Color as a design language, the meaning expressed in the holiday gift packaging design is profound and extensive, subtly using the color emotion law, color association can fully express the symbolic role of color, it can strongly attract people’s attention Encourage and arouse wide interest and psychological resonance, express people’s emotions and thoughts, stimulate people’s chain of emotional reactions, and finally achieve the market goal of attracting consumers’ attention and forming tangible sales.

   “Shape” is another important element of holiday gift packaging design, including = dimensional graphics, such as graphics, images, text and three-dimensional modeling, such as outer box packaging, containers. As the symbol of transmitting information, the shape constitutes the language carrier in the design of holiday gift packaging, and transmits various kinds of information to people with its unique symbol combination, making the circulation of gifts become a kind of cultural communication mode. There are many kinds of shapes, and the same shape and color can trigger people’s psychological reflection, which is the way to achieve emotional communication between products and people.

   In the Chinese folk, there are many patterns with auspicious meaning. Every holiday or festive day, people like to use these auspicious patterns to decorate the objects, to show people’s yearning for a happy life and congratulations to the festive season. As you can see, there are patterns of colored ribbons and “knots” in various forms. The use of “knot” reminiscent of such good wishes as “fat”, “alliance”, “harmony and unity”, “Jiqing has more than”, “good luck”, is a form of language symbol that is very popular among the people, is to symbolize happiness The symbol of Geely.

   The use of firecrackers, fish or children with squid and other graphics symbolizes the arrival of the festival. “Fish and “Yu Tongyin, the metaphor of life is rich, and when the festival is over, the family is well-off. This expresses the good wishes of people to pursue a happy and prosperous life every year. In China, regardless of the city or the country, the habit of shaping this desire into pictures has not declined. When the New Year is over, send a gift with a graphic package of children holding squid, which will not only express the joy of celebration, but also the future of Geely.

   The Lunar August 15th is a traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, gifts such as “嫦娥奔月”, “银河夜月”, “三潭印月” and other exquisite patterns are sent to friends, to connect with friends, to use the “Yueyue to remember their hometown, miss their loved ones, and pray for happiness. Happiness has become the common aspiration of the people of the world.

   The text is a colorless picture formed by lines, silent music. Like other art forms, it expresses a kind of thought and emotion, a kind of life flow. “Chinese characters are ideograms evolved from ancient hieroglyphics. Their visual form has a great influence on people’s cognition. It is characterized by the specific meaning of the language to express a certain meaning of the language. Forming, variation is uncertain, not limited to point painting, as if the picture is no different, such as water, day,. Horse, etc. The principle of Chinese characters is based on the pictogram, which is natural, has practical performance, and has beautiful qualities. Cangjie made a legend in the word. The beauty of the world and the description of the words are rich in aesthetics. The shape of Chinese characters, after thousands of years of evolution, from oracle bones to Li, Wei, Liu, Song, its fonts are rich and varied, each has its own art form and style, and some are stable and dignified, rich in style, and some chic. Smooth, elegant and flying, some are sturdy and sturdy, some are simple and natural, simple and elegant. There are many image words in Chinese characters that celebrate and praise specific people and things, such as. Xi, Fu, Lu, “Shou”, etc., these words have become a folk-specific graphic meaning of auspicious, festive graphics. Text is an organic part of graphic design in gift packaging design, which plays the role of transmitting information. Whether it is the main text or the explanatory text, we must first be concise and highlight the theme. According to the quantity and content of the text, the rhythm and rhythm are generated by the size, density, and weight of the text, showing different emotions.


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