folding umbrella frame

Unit Price:1.32$~2.88$
Keywords: Folding Umbrella frame
Model Number: SZTOW00444
Folding Umbrella frame
Automatic Open Automatic Close
Item Size: 23Inches 8K
Open diameter:105cm
Frame material: fiberglass+ Black coating Metal
Pole: Black coating Metal
Long ribs: Black coating Metal
Short ribs: Black coating Metal
Plastic cap
Plastic tips
Color: Black

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In spring and summer, folding umbrellas are a must!

Spring is coming to summer, soft spring is coming to an end to a bright summer day. The rainy season of the year is about to pass. Maybe others will think that with the passing of the spring rainy season, our umbrella industry should slowly enter the off-season. In fact, uncertain.

Although it is said that spring is all year round, spring is the time to say that the rainy season is the most, it is also true, but after the rainy season is a bright summer, but also another peak season for umbrellas, parasols!

This season, Lieyang is going to be the way. With the passing of the day and the coming of the hot summer days, the demand for parasols will become bigger and bigger. Especially for female friends, almost all the people carry a sunshade with their handbags. Umbrella, of course, the style of the umbrella that can be easily carried out is of course a folding umbrella, because it is about 25 cm in size. Therefore, it is especially suitable for female friends to cover the summer sun.

Can ordinary folding umbrellas cover the hot sun? Then, if it is, umbrellas, you have to wear a layer of anti-UV glue to become a parasol that can really cover the sun, so you generally want to fit in this season. If you have an umbrella, you must pick a folding umbrella with UV protection. It is like a black plastic umbrella, a silver plastic umbrella, or another layer of transparent UV-proof glue. If you have a logo, you can Very safe to use for shading!

of course. The folding style that everyone chooses is not just a single size, but also a relatively small size, such as 19-inch, 21-inch, 23-inch, and so on. Then, in these sizes, it should be 19 inches, 21 inches is considered to be relatively short, suitable for female friends in the bag. In this season, in the spring and summer communication, the most suitable, not afraid of the rain in the spring, not afraid of the summer sun. The so-called home is a must-have item!


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