leaf shaped umbrella

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Keywords: leaf shaped umbrella
Model Number: SZTOW00424
Fold umbrella
Manual Open Manual Close
Features: leaf shaped
Item Size: 21 inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 98cm
Cloth Color: Customized
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Silkscreen Printing
Pole: Metal
Ribs: Fiberglass
Plastic handle
Pouch: The same as umbrella cloth

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corporate gifts umbrellas

Custom shaped umbrella

In the 21st century, as the competition in the industry continues to intensify, many companies have begun to transform and upgrade, opening up new markets with the advantages of industrial design and umbrella innovation strategies. Therefore, umbrella design naturally becomes a good helper for each company to occupy the market!

In the next few years, the key to deciding buyers to buy an umbrella will be the appearance, support and reliability of the umbrella. Therefore, in the process of umbrella design and umbrella shaped, the umbrella designer needs to reform and optimize the appearance of the umbrella. The structural design of the umbrella is also one of the key optimization directions. The excellent umbrella design company must balance the relationship between the two. Find the perfect solution.

Through the design of the umbrella-shaped, the umbrella becomes more “charming”, and the beautiful and exquisite appearance wins the consumers’ enthusiasm, and the excellent structure design brings a good user experience. Through the user’s use process, the enterprise is set up to consume. The inner bridge of the people wins the affirmation of consumers and is sought after by consumers!

Custom shaped Umbrella design requires brainstorming in this process, which is not done by one’s own efforts. This requires a number of umbrella designers to coordinate in the discussion and implementation of the umbrella design and development, to stimulate the inspiration of the umbrella design, through the investigation of consumer habits and needs, to find a reasonable layout plan for structural design and functional design. , to develop a reasonable solution for the entire umbrella design!


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