square patio umbrella

Unit Price: USD46$~USD88$
Keywords: square patio umbrella
Model Number: SZTOW00362
Patio Umbrellas
Manual Open Manual Close
Features: Square shape
Item Size: 1.6M
Ribs: 8
Cloth Color: Customize or White
Umbrella Fabric: 280g Polyester
Printing Method: Screen printing
Pole: Metal
Ribs: Metal
Marble base
Carton: 1 set/carton

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What do you need to pay attention to when custom patio umbrellas with logo?

Custom patio umbrellas with logo is a commonly used umbrella product. In the promotion activities, it can not only provide the sunshade and rain-proof function for the staff and consumers, but also the creative advertising information on the umbrella surface, and can also promote the brand for the enterprise. It can be said that it is a lack of supplies in the wild. What issues should you pay attention to when customizing umbrellas? The following small series will introduce in detail the customization considerations of advertising umbrellas, hoping to help users better apply products.

Custom patio umbrellas with logo Note:
Advertising umbrellas still have to look at the quality of work, and the price of advertising umbrellas is also from a few yuan to tens of dollars. Note that the umbrella cloth used in the advertising umbrella mentioned here is also very important. The umbrella cloth of the advertising umbrella has a general umbrella cloth, and there is also an umbrella cloth with silver glue. The umbrella cloth with silver glue is an advertising umbrella capable of preventing ultraviolet rays. The price will be slightly more expensive than the advertising umbrella without silver glue.

Referring to the printing of custom patio umbrellas with logo, the text pattern and logo on the advertising umbrella, there are several printing methods, generally using silk screen, thermal transfer and so on. Silk screen advertising umbrella color is generally not too much, if your custom advertising umbrella above the demand reflects a very messy pattern, can use thermal transfer, thermal transfer printing advertising umbrella price is slightly higher than the silk screen advertising umbrella, because of the heat The cost of transfer is relatively high. When customizing the advertising umbrella, it will also involve plate making. The general version fee will not be very expensive.

Finally, the manufacturer of advertising umbrellas, the choice of a manufacturer is very important for advertising umbrellas, large-scale, large-scale advertising umbrella manufacturers, the production of advertising umbrellas have a greater advantage in terms of quality and function. It can also meet the different needs of users for advertising information planning.


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