umbrella wooden handle

Unit Price:2.58$~5.19$
Keywords: umbrella wooden handle
Model Number: SZTOW00151
Fold umbrella
Automatic Open Automatic Close
Features: Single Layer
Item Size: 23 inches 10 Panels
Open diameter: 102cm
Cloth Color: Black
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Silkscreen printing
Pole: Metal
Ribs: Metal+ Fiberglass
wooden handle
Pouch: The same as umbrella cloth

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umbrella wooden handle

The umbrella wooden handle is mainly used for wind and rain. This design makes the wind uncomfortable

and easy to hang. Has a good feel, comfortable to use, sturdy and durable.

Umbrella Item

Size: 23inches 10K

Automatic Open Automatic Close

Keywords: umbrella wooden handle

Model Number: SZTOW00151

Umbrella cloth

color: black

Customize color: Acceptable

logo printing: aucat

Customize brand or logo: Acceptable

Umbrella Frame

tips: metal

Ribs: Fiberglass+ metal

Pole: metal

wooden handle

custom umbrella wooden handle
umbrella wooden handle
umbrellas wooden handle

This is a kind of manufacturing process of the wooden umbrella hook umbrella handle of the umbrella. The main feature is that after the ordinary wood is sliced by a slicing machine, the blocks are bonded together by steaming glue to form a wooden strip. The wooden strips can be sent to the molding machine for bending and forming, so that they are in the shape of a hook, and then fixed to the cooking pot by the fixing fixtures one by one, and the cooked wood is cooked. After machining with a machine tool, it can be a stereotyped product. The invention has the characteristics of good hand feeling, comfortable use, and durability.

The invention relates to a wooden hook hook handle manufacturing process, which is characterized in that: the prepared wood is first cut into 400 mm × 35 mm × 1.5 mm sheets by a slicing machine, and the sheets are bonded together by steaming glue. Together, the thickness after bonding is 35 mm, and the shape is a wooden square strip with a size of 400 mm × 35 mm × 35 mm. The bonded wooden strips can be sent to the molding machine without waiting for the glue to dry out. Molding, after bending and forming by a molding machine, it is a hook shape, and then the hook-shaped handle is fixed by a fixing jig one by one, sent to the cooking pot for cooking for 2 hours, taken out and dried to be shaped, and the bent shape is set. The hook handle is sent to the cutting machine and cut to the end according to the standard specifications of the handle, and then sent to the outer circle processing and planing machine for finishing processing to become a stereotyped product.


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