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Model Number: SZTOW00438
Beach Umbrella frame
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Item Size: 40Inches 8K
Open diameter:180cm
Pole: Metal
Long ribs: Metal
Short ribs: Metal
Plastic cap
Plastic tips
Carton packaging

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fiberglass umbrellas frame
Folding Umbrella frame
fiberglass umbrella frame

Beach Umbrella Frame Wholesale

Beach umbrella frame structure is mainly composed of the main umbrella frame, an umbrella frame, and a hinged seat, and is characterized in that: the hinge seat portion connected to the main rib and the rib is respectively injected into the groove of the U-shaped rib. Forming a pack of resetting and hinged joints, the hinged seat is integrally formed with the main rib, and the rib is fixed at one end, and the main rib is received by the covering body, in the main rib groove on both sides of the hinged seat, And injection molding a plurality of annular bodies on the periphery of the main rib, the annular body being integrally formed with the main rib.

Types of umbrellas: umbrellas are mainly divided into sun umbrellas, straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, and the shape and function of the root can be divided into sun umbrellas, palace umbrellas, hotel umbrellas, two-fold umbrellas, three-fold umbrellas, five-fold umbrellas, and clothing umbrellas. , advertising umbrellas, golf umbrellas, market umbrellas, etc.

Beach Umbrellas Frame are also divided into different materials: aluminum alloy, wood, fiber, iron, steel, bamboo and other materials.


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