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Model Number: SZTOW00441
Beach Umbrella frame
Manual Open Manual Close
Item Size: 80Inches 8K
Open diameter:180cm
Pole: Wood
Long ribs: Wood
Short ribs: Wood
Wood cap
Wood tips
Carton packaging

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beach umbrellad frame

Ten factors to think about while purchasing a beach umbrella wood frame

SHAPE: There are several options, like rectangular, octagon, round and square. Whichever you buy should be determined by the space or table you want to shade. For example select a rectangle umbrella for a rectangular table. Also the shape of your outdoor space is important visually.

SIZE: Six-Eleven foot canopies are usual. Now, how big is the area you would like to shade – leave yourself some sunshine area and space around the umbrella to ensure it appears as a well proportioned accessory.

COLOUR: You can find single colours, print patterns or multiple colours. Select your favorite colour but ensure it fits with the rest of the decor around it remember in design less can be more.

CANOPY MATERIAL: Check for durability, any guarantees, sun resistance, to keep it vivid, water repellency and tear resistance, you’ll be amazed how a little but constant wind can tear at a cheap material.

POLE’S CONSTRUCTION: Wood poles can just be wood, such as Asian hardwood or they can be composite with Aluminium strengthening inserts. Aluminum poles are also available. It’s a matter of personal preference.

STRUTS MATERIAL: Generally this will be the same as the pole construction.

TILT FEATURE: Do you want your umbrella to have a tilt ability, using multiple hinged pole shafts, so the shaded area can be free of the umbrella pole and stand.

STANDS: Always choose the sturdiest stand you can so your umbrella is safe. Check with the manufacturer for their recommended diameter or weight, you can use a lighter one if you will be using your umbrella through a table. And don’t forget to choose a nice one that does your umbrella justice – believe me your eye will be drawn to a cheap looking stand.

WIND VENTS: You can buy wood frame beach umbrellas with various levels of venting to wind proof them.

THE OPENING AND CLOSING MECHANISM: These can be manual, pulley or automatic. A pulley system might be more important for larger umbrellas as they can get quite heavy.


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