wholesale black umbrellas

Unit Price:2.28$~4.87$
Keywords: wholesale black umbrellas
Model Number: SZTOW00389
Golf Umbrellas and Fold umbrellas
Automatic Open Automatic/Manual Close
Features: Single Layer or Vented Layer
Item Size: 23~30 inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 102~150cm
Cloth Color: Customize
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Silkscreen printing
Pole: Metal/Fiberglass
Ribs: Metal/Fiberglass
plastic handle
Pouch: The same as printing umbrella cloth

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Compared with the retail industry, wholesale umbrellas have the following characteristics:

1 The trading volume of the wholesale industry is generally large. The wholesale industry is basically a capital-intensive industry. For the wholesale industry, capital is more important than labor. The funding problem is often the key to determining the success or failure of wholesalers.

2 The wholesale business circle is relatively large. Small and medium-sized wholesale businesses are generally concentrated in local small and medium-sized cities, but the business scope will be radiated to the surrounding areas; large-scale wholesale businesses are often distributed in large cities across the country, and their business scope can cover the entire domestic market, and some can also carry out import and export business. Its business circle can also break through national boundaries.

3 service items are relatively small. Since the wholesale business mainly serves the purchaser rather than the individual consumer, the wholesale industry has relatively fewer service projects than the retail industry, and focuses on communication, storage, transportation, information, financing, etc. For the organization’s services, transactions are often rational.

For companies:
(1) Enterprises are mainly sold to the national economy for production, management, survey and design, scientific research and other commodities.

(2) Enterprises are mainly sold to wholesale and retail, catering and other service industries for resale or business, including goods sold to the foreign trade department for export or processed.

(3) The enterprises mainly export goods directly to the country (outside the country) and goods that are entrusted by the foreign trade department. The sales target of the wholesale industry is another enterprise that produces or resells (including direct export commodities). The products sold are used for production and management purposes as well as for consumer consumption.


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