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Unit Price:2.86$~5.36$
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Model Number: SZTOW0002
Fold Mini Umbrellas
Manual Open Manual Close
Features: Single Layer
Item Size: 19 inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 92cm
Cloth Color: Customize
Umbrella Fabric: 190T Pongee
Printing Method: Screen Printing, Sublimation printing
Pole: Metal
Ribs: metal
Handle: Plastic
Pouch: Capsule

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Wholesale mini umbrellas

Wholesale printed mini umbrellas. Not only can these fit almost anywhere but they can be used in the sun, rain, snow or wind. They can be given to both men and women, family types and single executive ladder climbers. Young and old, democrats and republicans, people from all walks of life can appreciate and use a printed umbrella.

Where to Give Them If your industry hosts a trade show during the spring shower season, consider handing out printed umbrellas at the exit door. Can’t afford £2.60 a piece? How about offering to walk people out to their car under your printed umbrella and a business card swap?

Leave a bucket of printed wholesale mini umbrellas by the door in case of a storm. Mini umbrellas are handy to keep in the glove compartment or storage containers in vehicles since they fold up so small. Each time a storm comes around they’ll think of your business. They’ll also advertise for you since everyone that sees the umbrella will learn just how helpful your business is.

Parties, especially luau and jungle themed, are ideal for giving out printed umbrellas. Consider Christmas in July or simply a get together to celebrate a new product being released in summer. It doesn’t take much to put together a company picnic for your employees, vendors, clients and their families.

How to Choose Them wholesale Mini printed umbrellas come in a variety of colors, shapes and price points. You should choose a color that compliments your logo and message. Bright colors stick out but avoid going with abrasive colors, since some people would rather go wet than go in fluorescent orange.

Low Cost Mini printed umbrellas are quite affordable. For as little as £2.49 each, you can order single color imprinted mini umbrellas, available in a wide variety of colors. These telescopic umbrellas fold up small and are lightweight to carry. For £2.49 a piece, you’ll be hard pressed to find such a large canvas to advertise on. You certainly won’t find other umbrellas available for less, no matter how small.

If you want a full color print process, you will have to pay a bit more. On many companies websites, for example, the first color imprint is included but there is a £0.30 charge per printed umbrella for each additional color.

Speedy Delivery our Towum factory require thirty days lead time or more. That means ordering your printed umbrellas mid-summer to have them in your hands and offices by the autumn storms. Guarantees process and completion within 15 days upon approval of the proof we provide wholesale printed mini umbrellas.


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