What is Pongee Fabric?

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What is Pongee Fabric?

Pongee fabric is a kind of fabric which is blended or interwoven with nylon fabric and cotton yarn. It has a high density of warp and weft and generally adopts flat structure. Pongee fabric is a kind of textile that does not need to be weaved by spinning. It only aligns or randomly woven short fibers or filaments to form a web structure, which is then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. It directly utilizes polymer slicing, short fibers or filaments to form a novel fiber fabric with a soft, permeable and planar structure formed by various web forming methods and consolidation techniques.

Advantages of Pongee fabric:

1. The wear resistance of nylon fabric is the first of natural fiber and chemical fiber. The nylon has good hygroscopicity, and its wearing comfort and dyeing performance are better than polyester, so nylon Fabric and cotton yarn Blending or interlacing does not reduce the moisture absorption and wearing comfort of the cotton yarn. The nylon is lighter and the cotton yarn is heavier. When the two are interwoven or blended, the weight of the fabric can be reduced.

2.nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and is blended or interwoven with cotton yarn to improve the elasticity of Pongee fabric;

3. Nylon and polyester, fade easily in sunlight, have an overly shiny appearance. May sometimes generate static electricity and are environmentally unfriendly since they are not easily recyclable. Now pongee fabric comes out as a superior option for a wide range of application.

4. Waterproof and dries quickly; Mildew and mold resistant; Easy to clean, you may dry clean it; Holds color well and resists fading. So Pongee fabric is the best choice for folding umbrellas and golf umbrellas.

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