Why It Benefits to Design Your Own Umbrella

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Why It Benefits to Design Your Own Umbrella

Designing your own umbrella can be a lot of fun. The large open space of the umbrella makes it possible to create a wide range of unique and colorful designs. Most umbrellas have eight individual panels which can be designed with a different look for each panel or a continuous pattern that takes up the entire top surface. Also, there are many different types of umbrella to add bespoke design. The small and compact city umbrella with the crook handle is a great choice for creating the traditional design, while the over-sized golf umbrella is the more practical choice for creating contemporary design.

Here are a few different types of umbrella to style with your own design:


A personal or home umbrella is a practical choice to stay protected from light drizzle to heavy showers. This type of umbrella can range from the mini pocket-sized unit to the large and heavy-duty canopy with a strong and reliable structure. The option to create the bespoke design makes it possible to really showcase your personal style. Any umbrella with unusual patterns, typography, or original artwork is certain to stand out.


Many businesses can benefit from creating the bespoke umbrella with their name, logo, or message. For instance a B&B or hotel can use the umbrella as a marketing tool to help customers remember their stay. The special added extras or freebies often stay in the mind of customers and this simple product many entice someone to return in the future. The branded umbrellas can either be left in the lobby or in the guest’s room to make sure they always have something to use when out and about on the rainy days.


Any retailer involved in selling gifts or similar items can benefit from adding a selection of bespoke umbrellas that have the unique designs. Umbrellas with original artwork are certain to stand out from the everyday items in plain colors. Also, this type of item is certain to go well with stores that stock different types of outerwear, such as jackets and coats, as well as bags.

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