How to Check the Shipping Cost for Custom Umbrellas?

custom design corporate umbrella

Custom Design Corporate Umbrella

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Umbrella with Design Inside

Custom Umbrella with Design Inside

design your own umbrella

Design Your Own Umbrella

design modern umbrella

Design Modern Umbrella

design golf umbrella

Custom Design Golf Umbrella

custom designer umbrella with signature

Custom Designer Umbrella

custom design handle umbrella

Custom Design Handle Umbrella

custom print design umbrella

Custom Print Design Umbrella

design your own photo umbrella

Design Your Own Photo Umbrella

1. Check custom umbrellas packaging volume and weight

Before checking the shipping fee, you need to know the custom umbrellas packaging volume(size) and weight of the custom umbrellas

2. Choose the shipping method

There are four modes of transportation: express shipping, air shipping, ocean shipping, and rail shipping. (Express and air freight are expensive and fast. Railway transportation and ocean transportation are cheap and slow. However, the transportation price and transportation time of each company are different.)

3. Compare shipping price and shipping time of different companies

Each company's price and shipping time are different. For example, for the same custom umbrellas, UPS, Fedex, DHL, TNT, the prices they submit must be different. Before placing an order, you need to choose your transportation company.

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