How to Custom Cocktail Drink Umbrellas?

Custom Cocktail Drink Umbrella Details


Canopy Material: Copying Paper

Ribs Material: Match Paper

Pole(Shaft) Material: Toothpick

Custom Colour: Any Colour will be fine

Custom Printing: Accept Custom Any Design with Customer Branded Logo or Pictures or Other Information

Packaging: 10pcs/pack (We can pack according to your requirements, such as 8pcs/pack)

Any Other fees: 0$. (We didn’t charge design fee, setup fee, mold fee.)

How to design a Cocktail Drink Umbrella?

We provide free design service, you can send the design, logo or pictures to us, We will send the Cocktail Drink Umbrella Design to you.

2. Modify the colour in the template (change the colour in the template to your favorite colour), or add a picture as the background of the canopy.

3. Add your design or logo or company name or slogan(…or other info) to the Cocktail Drink Umbrella template.

4. Send it to us for inspection. If after inspection we find that we need to modify the design, we will send the modified design to you for confirmation. After you confirm, we will arrange the production.

    How to customize the packaging for Cocktail Drink Umbrella?

    Our default packaging is 10 pcs/bag, if you need 100 pcs in 1 bag or 8pcs in 1 bag or 4 pcs in 1 bag, we will pack according to your requirements. And you can customize printed on the packaging bag.

    How to Custom Cocktail Drink Umbrellas with Cheap price with Low Quantity?

    Choose us as your supplier. Our unit price is low, and small quantities can be produced. Our Custom Cocktail Drink Umbrella MOQ: 100pcs,For 120000pcs Custom Cocktail Drink Umbrella, Our price only USD0.02$/pcs

    How long is the production time of Custom Cocktail Drink Umbrella?

    Orders below 10,000pcs will be shipped 15 days after confirmation. Orders below 30,000pcs will be shipped within 25 days after confirmation. Orders below 50,000pcs will be shipped within 30 days after confirmation.

    How long is the shipping time of the Custom Cocktail Drink Umbrella?

    Approximately 3 to 10 days, depending on distance and flight.

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