Why do they put umbrellas in drinks?

custom margarita umbrella

Custom Margarita Umbrella

custom made cocktail umbrellas

Custom Made Cocktail Umbrellas

Custom Drink Umbrellas with Logo Printing

Custom Drink Umbrellas

Custom Juice Decoration Umbrella

1. Decorating drinks.

We can't customize the pattern on the drinks, but we can customize the pattern on the drinks cocktail umbrella, and the drinks cocktail umbrella can decorate the drinks. Make your drinks different.

2. increase the time for the drinks to melt.

The second function of the drinks Cocktail umbrella is to block the melting speed of the drink due to sunlight.

Where did drink umbrellas come from?

According to Bon Appétit (who spoke with tiki drink historian Jeff Berry,)said: they came from Harry Yee, a bartender at Hilton Waikiki in 1932. These mini umbrellas are widely produced and easy to disassemble, and have become iconic decorations in beach lounge areas and tiki bars.

How do you use a cocktail umbrella?

The structure of the cocktail umbrella is similar to the ordinary manual golf umbrella. Just push the frame up to open it, and pull the frame down to put it away.

What are the little umbrellas in drinks called?

Cocktail umbrella, The cocktail umbrella is made of copy paper, match paper, and toothpicks. Copy paper is made into a cocktail umbrella canopy, match paper is the ribs of the cocktail umbrella, and toothpicks are the shaft (pole) of the cocktail umbrella. They are often used in tropical drinks, Tiki bars, desserts, and food.

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