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Model Number: SZTOW00518
Cocktail Umbrellas
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Features: Single Layer
Item Size: 4 inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 8cm
Fabric Color: Customized
Umbrella Fabric: Paper
Fame: Wood
Ribs: Wood
Pouch: carton box

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custom cocktail umbrellas
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Three Marketing Ideas For Custom Drink Umbrellas

You might probably think that these promotional drink umbrellas and sticks are worth nothing, you should think about it again. These items are not just drinking umbrellas alone. These products could do things larger than their actual size. Well, it wouldn’t be called promotional drink umbrellas for anything. Indeed, this small and simple bar accessory can actually be used for campaigning for a brand. This is a unique approach to brand advertising. But the downfall of this technique is competition. How can a certain company reign over its competitors with the same kind of product? Well, it is so simple. You just have to think of various gimmicks.

In order to pull off a great scheme to make your advertising through promotional drink umbrella a success, you can always follow these marketing ideas.

1.Holidays are Money-Makers

Truly, the power of the holidays is eminent among people. This is the perfect time to suggest people the things that they should do or the materials that they should buy despite the fact that they don’t really need it. The holiday season is also the time when drinking is on its peak.

2.New is Hot

Anything new will surely capture anyone’s attention. If you think that your usual drink umbrellas are too boring or too traditional, why don’t you think of new ways to make it interesting? Have you hear of glow sticks? These are sticks that glow in the dark. It is commonly used in concerts and other events held in dim lights. Using the brilliance of glow sticks in drink umbrellas will make it easier for people to see what they’re drinking as well as your brand. More than that, people will be more interested on it because its new to their knowledge. But you should remember that everything new gets old. So don’t stop thinking of brand new gimmicks in order to keep your customers begging for more.

3.Multi-functional is in

Today, people should know how to be versatile in everything that they do. They should know how to flex their muscles when they have to. This is also applicable to these customized drink umbrellas. Since these items are boring and usually neglected, try to add a little twist on it. You can add another function on it so it will be interesting in the eyes of the people. More than that, a different function could make it covetous and a keepsake.


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