How to Design Your Own Umbrella for Free?

Free Umbrella Design

We provide free umbrella design service. We will design the umbrella according to your own requirements until you are satisfied. Of course this is our free service and will not charge you any fees.

custom design corporate umbrella

Custom Design Corporate Umbrella

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Umbrella with Design Inside

Custom Umbrella with Design Inside

design your own umbrella

Design Your Own Umbrella

design modern umbrella

Design Modern Umbrella

design golf umbrella

Custom Design Golf Umbrella

custom designer umbrella with signature

Custom Designer Umbrella

custom design handle umbrella

Custom Design Handle Umbrella

custom print design umbrella

Custom Print Design Umbrella

design your own photo umbrella

Design Your Own Photo Umbrella

1. Design your own umbrella canopy and pouch/sleeve

b. Select Umbrella Canopy Structure ((The umbrella canopy has three structures: Single layer, Vented layer, Double layer))

c. Modify the color of the canopy and pouch/sleeve. (Change the color of canopy or pouch/sleeve in the template to the color you want, if you don’t find the pouch/sleeve template, please contact us and send it to you)

d. Add brand logo, pattern, text/words, picture/image, or design to the umbrella canopy or pouch/sleeve (Modify the location, size, and colour of these files in the umbrella design)

e. Check the design of the canopy and pouch/sleeve (if the color or size is found to be inappropriate, please modify it in time. we also can help you modify umbrella design)

2. Design your own umbrella handle

Most customers choose our existing umbrella handle. But we accept personalized customization. The plastic handle is often produced by us. The price is cheap and the quality is good. You can customize the color and your own pattern/logo/design on it. Of course, we have many material choices, such as aluminum, rubber, EVA foam, Copper, zinc alloy, gold... and more.

custom animal handle umbrella

design umbrella handle shape

luxury umbrella handle

design umbrella handle printing pattern (such as logo or design)

umbrella j handle

design umbrella handle colour

custom Personalized handle umbrella

design umbrella handle size

3. Design your own umbrella packaging

The umbrella packaging box materials mainly include fabric, EVA, leather, and carton. Fabric box, EVA box. You can add some decorations to the box, and the box can also be customized, such as using a zipper on the box or using a double-layer box. You can also customize the color, printed pattern, size, shape, and material of the umbrella packaging box.

Personalized packaging umbrella

design carton box packaging umbrella

Custom Umbrella with Bag

design fabric sleeve umbrella

Custom Leather Case Umbrella

design leather case umbrella

Custom Umbrella with Capsule Case

design EVA case umbrella

4. Design your own Umbrella Frame

Design the material, color, size, shape, and printing pattern of the umbrella frame. Frame material: carbon fiber, glass fiber, aluminum, iron, steel, wood. Any color can be designed or produced. the size can be more to your own requirements, and there are many choices of shapes, such as ordinary shapes, pagoda shapes, and bubble shapes. . . and many more. You can also design your own patterns on the frame (such as printing your own logo or design)

custom Personalized Frame Umbrella

design umbrella frame

Custom Wood Umbrellas

design wood umbrellas

custom carbon fiber umbrella

design carbon fiber umbrella

custom aluminum umbrella

design aluminum umbrella

5. Choose personalized tips for your own umbrella

The material of tips is plastic, wood, and metal, but the color of tips can be customized

Custom tips Umbrella

design tips umbrella

custom j stick umbrella

design wood tips umbrellas

Custom Design Cheap Umbrella

design plastic tips umbrella

custom design compact aluminum umbrella

design metal tips umbrella

6. Design your own Umbrella Ribs

Ribs are mainly made of fiberglass, aluminum, iron, resin, or carbon fiber. The quantity, size, color, and engraving design of ribs can be customized.

Custom Ribs Umbrella

deisng ribs umbrella

Custom 24 Ribs Umbrella

design 24 ribs umbrella

custom double ribs umbrella

design double ribs umbrella

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