How to Print on Umbrellas – Know Your Options

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Custom Flower Printed Umbrella

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Custom Umbrella with Design Inside

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Custom Umbrella Printing - Know Your Options

The printing techniques are different and give different results. Whereas some may start fading or chipping away, some are permanently printed into your umbrellas. It is therefore important that you know the type of printing is best for the kind of umbrellas you are getting for your business. Usually the printing options you have depended on the umbrella manufacturer you have settled for and what methods they offer. If you have a particular printing option you wish for your umbrellas, then it is best that you ask your manufacturer if your needs can be accommodated to avoid wastage of time. Here are some of the most common options you can choose from when printing custom umbrellas.

1. Screen printing

It is a traditional method that remains to be highly effective and it is also long-lasting. In this method, your images will be transferred onto the umbrella surface using ink pressed through the stenciled silk screen. The prints are treated using light-sensitive emulsion. This method offers excellent reproduction of colored logos and it is a printing method that is cost-effective.

2. Digital printing

Digitally printing umbrellas make it possible to panel prints using vibrant patterns and colors. It is a method that offers shorter production time and using digital print technology you can create breathtaking promotional umbrellas that would otherwise have been hard to achieve. Different visual effects can be combined to create umbrellas that not only pass the message but are visually impressive to the recipients.

3. Sublimation printing

It is heat transfer printing that uses sublimation inks on the surface of the umbrella using a heat press. It is generally a combination of heat, pressure, and time that cause inks to convert from solid to gaseous state that making it possible for them to penetrate the umbrella material permanently. The results are long-lasting and resistant to scratching so you do not have to worry about your prints coming off even when the users wash the umbrellas. The greatest advantage of this printing method is that there is no deterioration of prints even after prolonged use. There is also no limit as to the number of colors you can print.

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