How to Choose Promotional Umbrellas to Help With Brand Visibility?

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How to Choose Promotional Umbrellas to Help With Brand Visibility?

Promotional products are useful tools for any company. You can hand them to customers as gifts, giving them a product that you know they will use and provide you with ongoing brand visibility now and in the future. One of the most popular choices is promotional umbrellas, which can be used in summer and winter months and every time your customer goes anywhere and uses your umbrellas, showcasing your company name, logo and information, they are advertising on your behalf.

Brand visibility is essential to any company and while you may spend hours focusing on your brand visibility online, you mustn’t forget your offline efforts. So many companies fall into this trap, but you need to ensure that you reach your local audience and that they know who you are and what you do.

Consider your customer base, what do they do, what do they do after hours? These are questions you may want to ask so you can learn more about them and this will help you identify the best promotional umbrellas to purchase. Are the majority of your customer’s businessmen who enjoy spending their spare time on the golf course? Then golf umbrellas will probably be the best option. Maybe your customers are families and then sun umbrellas could provide useful to be used at home and when out and about as a family.

Look at the size of the promotional umbrellas to identify which ones you feel are the best match based on your particular promotional needs. If you are buying these items to use at a show you are attending, then large sun umbrellas, maybe even parasol styled umbrellas will be the best option, ensuring your company is noticed. Remember smaller designs are ideal rain umbrellas, but if you really want to be noticed then you need to go bigger.

Don’t let price be your only deciding factors, this is a big mistake that so many companies make these days. When investing in promotional umbrellas you want to choose a product that is going to last and not fall apart after only a few uses. This means that you want to focus more on the quality of the product than the price. When comparing supplier, focus on the quality and pay slightly more for a better quality product if needed.

Ensure that any company you choose to buy your promotional umbrellas offers a complete turnkey service. They should provide you with help from the initial stages of your design through to the completed product, they should also provide to the door delivery for added convenience. A proof of your logo and design should be forwarded to you for approval before the printing process begins.

In addition to this, all the promotional umbrellas should come with some form of warranty. As mentioned previously, the last thing you want is the item to fall apart after only a few uses, so it’s worthwhile to ensure that you get peace of mind with a good warranty, enabling you to return in the item in the event that it falls apart or is damaged.

All good and reputable promotional umbrella suppliers will offer a returns policy for manufacturing defects and printing defects. While they will ensure that they provide you with a high-quality product and the best printing methods, there may be some errors or issues you encounter along the way. You need to ensure that in the event something happens which is not your fault, you can return the items for a replacement without too much fuss.

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