What Should You Pay Attention to When Designing an Umbrella?

What Should You Pay Attention to When Designing an Umbrella?

1.Umbrellas Material Colours:

Colour is an important factor because it is the first thing that potential customers will notice about your promotional item. Also, most people simply associate well defined colour combinations to a specific product or brand. For example, in the case of McDonald’s, the international fast food chain that achieved popularity in the UK since the 1970s; people associate the food chain’s promotional items with the colours red and yellow.

Whenever the company distributes freebies, customers expect it to be yellow or red in colour. If the products carry a logo that’s blue instead of yellow, customers will find it quite unusual. In most cases, it will disrupt the branding strategy of the company.

That is why when designing you should make it a point to use colours that are highly associated with your product or company logo. If the official company logo colour is not compatible with the fabric colour of the product, you should change that for a solid colour or a colour alternating white. If your target recipients are adults, go for formal colours like forest green, black, or burgundy.

2.Design Printed Colours:

The design elements are very important. Basically, as your chosen product should carry prints of your logo and company name. These prints should appear clearly on the canopy. If your logos come with bright colours, the background must have dark colours such as black or navy blue. If the prints are dark in colour, the canopy should be white or yellow.

Also, if you are planning to print designs and graphics in your umbrella, then these shouldn’t overwhelm the logo. Instead, the secondary designs should further complement the colour or designs of the logo prints. For best results, complementary colours should be used when designing additional graphics. However, note than for every extra element that you add, there is a corresponding charge. While you can get styles in simple and classic designs at a modest price, the more personalized ones with lots of designs often cost a little more.

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