Custom Umbrella Handles

Type of Umbrella Handles
1. Plastic handle: There are various styles of plastic handles, large curved handles, and small curved handles. The material of the plastic handle is also differentiated. It can be divided into the umbrella handle of the original plastic injection molding, and the handle of the plastic injection molding. After the plastic handle is injected out of the umbrella handle, some of them can be used directly if they need the natural color, and some have to go through. Surface treatments, like handle silver, or gold spray are all possible. Or the surface of the handle is sprayed with rubber. The plastic umbrella handle is easy to clean and has always been the first choice for modern umbrella production.
2, wooden umbrella handle: Some miscellaneous wood, the cost is lower, some are to do some simple shaping, brush some paint becomes a handle, some require high, made into a special shape will be higher.
3, EVA umbrella handle: This umbrella handle is currently used more than the advertising umbrella, the handle color is more aluminum alloy umbrella handle, or the combination of aluminum alloy and EVA (the main body is EVA material, the accessory is aluminum alloy) Most of the handles are used by golf umbrellas. It is black, feels good and light. There are also many people who like this umbrella handle.
4, rubber handle: Golf umbrellas currently choose more of this material handle.
5, silicone umbrella handle: At present, the cost is high, the person who chooses is better, this handle feels good, it is like touching the human skin.
6, bamboo handle: This handle is currently used less, mostly exported to Japan umbrellas.

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