custom clear umbrellas

Unit Price: USD3.55$~USD6.25$
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Model Number: SZTOW00114
Clear Fold Umbrellas
Automatic Open Automatic Close
Features: Single Layer
Item Size: 42 inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 96cm
Fabric Color: Clear
Umbrella Fabric: PVC, POE
Printing Method: Screen Printing
Pole: Metal
Ribs: Metal+ Fiberglass
Handle: Plastic handle
Pouch: Printing same as umbrella canopy

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Custom clear umbrellas

WINDPROOF/RAINPROOF – Automatic open 42″ size coverage offers protection from wind and rain so you and your clothes stay dry

CLEAR STYLISH DESIGN – Clear plastic canopy offers see through visibility and looks great for a wedding, graduation, baby shower, or party

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Strong steel shaft and frame provides strong support against rain and wind

COMPACT – Lightweight collapsible umbrellas with a small clear case. Best for gifts, games, or travel with in a bag or backpack

Clear fabric is a popular product that can be used in for household items like sheets, bags and tablecloths, as well as in more specialised areas.

Clear fabric is popular with boat manufacturers as clear marine fabric is both flexible and durable, which is great for boat canopies, particularly on speedboats. Factors to look at though when dealing with marine clear fabric are the UV resistance and cold tolerance. fabric can be made flexible with the addition of certain polymers but the colder it gets, the stiffer it gets and eventually, it will crack.

Many of the same points apply to patio or cafe blinds. These clear fabric blinds have become very popular in recent years as they give the option of using patio areas in winter as well as summer, yet maintain the ability to let air flow through as the temperature climbs. Cleaning these blinds is important as they will show the dirt marks, however it can be difficult given their size.

Clear fabric can also be used for things like tablecloths. As it is flexible it will drape well over the table and protect it from spills. clear fabric is waterproof and hence it forms a barrier blocking moisture from reaching the table surface.

This waterproof nature means clear fabric can also be used for making umbrellas. While clear umbrellas do have novelty value, as a fabric it gets very sweaty after a while as it does not breathe. More modern fabrics like GoreTex (TM) have tiny little holes in them which lets water vapour trough while blocking the passage of larger water drops. This means that it does not get clammy on the inside. Unfortunately clear fabric does not have this benefit and gets very uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time. However it does have the benefit of being very cheap whereas modern breathable coats are very expensive!


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