Custom Wooden Handle Umbrella

Unit Price: USD3.3$ ~ USD7.8$
Model Number: SZTOW00359
Fabric Printing: Customer Design or Customer Branded Logo
Frame: 12.0 Fiberglass Pole, 5.0 Fiberglass Short Ribs, 4.0 Fiberglass Long Ribs, Metal Cap Wooden Handle.
Logo Position: Metal Cap. Wooden Handle, Sleeve, Canopy
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Custom Wooden Handle Umbrella with Branded Logo Printing, Branded Logo Position: Umbrella Canopy, Umbrella Handle, Umbrella Sleeve, Metal Cap. Black Fiberglass Frame with Metal Cap Wooden Handle.

Why custom wooden handle umbrella?

1, natural color, maintain the natural color, the texture is clear and beautiful.

2, the shape is simple and generous, the lines are full and smooth, and the quality is good.

3, practical and durable.

4, strong elasticity and permeability, good thermal conductivity and easy maintenance. The growth cycle of pine is long, the annual rings are fine, the texture of the wood is flexible, the oil content of the trees is low, and the distribution of the yin and yang colors is uniform. In addition to these advantages of the material itself, the umbrella manufacturer controls the dryness of the material very strictly, requiring a moisture content of no more than 10%. All materials are stored in a constant humidity warehouse before production.


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