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Model Number: SZTOW00483
Straight umbrellas
Automatic Open Manual Close
Features: Dome Bubble Shape and Transparent Clear
Item Size: 46 inches 8 Panels
Open diameter: 103cm
Fabric Color: Transparent
Umbrella Fabric: Clear POE or clear PVC
Printing Method: Screen printing
Pole: Metal
Ribs: Fiberglass
J shape plastic handle
Pouch: PP bag

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Wholesale Custom Printed Dome Bubble Shape Transparent Clear Umbrellas with Logo from China Towum Manufacturer, Quality Guarantee.

Wholesale custom clear umbrellas

It is pure common sense to and great business acumen and initiative to shop around and try to get a better deal. By a better deal I mean buying the same clear umbrella or a very similar umbrella for slightly less the amount. There are many wholesalers out there who are more than willing to do business with you and they are always looking for new customers. The business jungle is a very brisk and fast environment and I order to keep up one must find new and improved ways of doing business. Buying wholesale clear umbrellas to sell is definitely one way of trying to stay ahead of the pack and stay out in front an on top of things.

Buying wholesale clear umbrellas to sell has many advantages and benefits. Let us explore them here, the most common and possibly the greatest advantages is that one can make huge savings in one transaction and this in turn has a chain reaction over a period of time. That is the more often you buy from wholesalers and in bulk you make huge savings. This is huge benefit and advantage because it frees up money which can be put into other areas of the business i.e. research and development, machinery, human resources, systems, new product lines and so on.

By buying wholesale clear umbrellas to sell one gets to improve his supply chain. By improving his supply chain he is able to deliver products faster and more often then his nearest competitor. This will rank very highly with customers who like quick and reliable service. They don’t want to wait too long for the umbrellas or they will lose interest. Improvements in the supply chain have very long and far implications and massive benefits and advantages. A company which buys wholesale clear umbrellas to sell improves its supply chain and by so doing it will not run out of the umbrellas and when it does it will be able to restock the umbrellas faster then its nearest competitor.

Another benefit of buying wholesale clear umbrellas to sell is that one can build and carve a relationship with the wholesaler and by so doing it is easier to negotiate a better and more favourable deal and arrangement. One may apply for credit terms with the wholesaler and may get them. This helps free up cash flow. By building a relationship with the wholesaler one may be able to negotiate for exclusive rights to be the sole seller of a particular product and this uniqueness will automatically translate into more money being made for all concerned parties.

Wholesale clear umbrellas get huge discounts on the umbrellas and save tons of cash on shipping, handling and many other expense and costs which one may incur. The benefits of buying wholesale clear umbrellas to sell are so many and serious business men should take up the initiative and start buying wholesale clear umbrellas to sell.

SAFE CLEAR BUBBLE UMBRELLA: large 52 inches see through bubble umbrella canopy provides enough coverage for your head and shoulders from rain and wind. You are able to see where you are going. It is a ideal accessories for weddings photography.

ELEGANT DESIGN DETAILS: pure white leather hook handle, clear rain-drop tips and protective steel ends, make it a great accessories for outdoor weddings or photography.

SUPERIOR WINDPROOF: this umbrella is made of 8 premium white 3.0 mm fiberglass ribs (compared to 2.6-2.8 mm) , 8 Stainless Steel Support Ribs and 14 mm Aluminum central pole (Compared to 10-12 mm metal central pole) –Ultra light and strong, making it super wind resistant, Beautiful & Easy to carry.

EASY SAFE TO USE: umbrella opens and closes with a protective pinch proofing button, providing protection for your kids and fingers. Safety Reflective umbrella straps on the canopy can be easily seen by car drivers to keep you safe at day or night.


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