Beach Umbrella VS Patio Umbrella

beach umbrellad frame
beach umbrella wood frame

Beach Umbrella VS Patio Umbrella

1. Used in different places

As the name suggests, the Patio Umbrella is mainly used in the Garden, Patio. but the beach umbrella is mainly used on the beach.

2. Fabric different

Beach umbrellas are mainly made of oxford fabric, Patio umbrella is mainly made of polyester fabric.

3. Frame different

Patio Umbrella frame much stronger than Beach umbrella frame, like:
open diameter 160cm beach umbrella frame use 10.0 diameter ribs with 28mm diameter pole
open diameter 150cm patio umbrella frame use 17mm width*22mm height ribs with 38mm diameter pole

4. Base different

Because the patio umbrella frame is heavier, the Patio umbrella needs a larger base to keep the umbrella firm.

5. The weight and volume are different.

Because the base and the frame is not the same, so the volume and weight are different.

6. Frame Material different

Beach umbrella frame material is mainly iron oxide, Patio Umbrella frame can be aluminum, wood, iron oxide.

Beach umbrellas

Who doesn’t like going to the beach? When you need time to relax and enjoy, one of the places that people think of going would be the beach. Clear, crystal water, white sand that feels so good on our feet and of course the wonderful breeze tantalizes us and makes us forget about our busy city life and our stressful jobs. Don’t forget to bring your beach umbrella, beach towels and sunscreen lotion with you for protection..

You can use your beach umbrella, towels and lotion to block-off the harmful radiation from the sun. If you want your beach umbrella to be a sight for sore eyes, you can choose from a variety of designs for your beach umbrella. Make it match your bathing suit and match it with your beach towel as well. If you’re too busy to go out and buy your beautiful beach umbrella, you can check out some online stores and make your purchase there. You can find different types of beautiful beach umbrella from stores where they have a nice variety for you to choose from. Of course, there are other sites where you can also find what you’re looking for. Finding the perfect beach umbrella for you is easy and is just a mouse click away.

You may also find one that is good for your budget. If you are frugal and want to spend your money wisely then why don’t you find a second-hand beach umbrella? You can find a good beach umbrella on e-bay or perhaps you can go on garage sales? Go around your neighborhood, you never know what you’re going to find. Perhaps a beautiful beach umbrella is just waiting for you there. eBay is also a great place to search for a beach umbrella that you like but would fit your budget, if you win the bid then the beach umbrella would be yours for the price that you can afford.

It is best to get a beach umbrella that is not dark in color. Dark colors tend to absorb heat but lighter colors deflect the heat so if you don’t want to feel like you’re in a sauna every time you hide under your beach umbrella, make sure to pick a light-colored beach umbrella. A neon-colored beach umbrella is nice too but then you should make sure it won’t strain people’s eyes as it may be too bright.

Going on a beach trip is always fun and exciting. Make sure to bring everything you need and keep yourself and your family safe. The harmful solar radiation can cause cancer and of course nobody wants to have that. Cover yourself with a thin layer of an SPF lotion and shelter yourself from the sun using a beach umbrella. Bring a big beach umbrella so you and your family or friends can be well-shaded. Fun at the beach should never cause you any worries. Stay safe, stay worry-free. Bring that beach umbrella with you!

Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are an ideal way to keep the sun away when enjoying the outdoors. A patio umbrella will also compliment any outdoor setting. Patio umbrellas are like large versions of average umbrellas and come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics. There are many different types of patio umbrellas available and all of them have many benefits.

Different types of patio umbrellas

1. Offset patio umbrellas.
These umbrellas are designed to create more space under the umbrella. They have their pole off to the side of the umbrella instead of in the middle. This is an ideal alternative if your outdoor table setting doesn’t have an umbrella hole in the middle of it. Or you wish to maximize space under the umbrella, another useful thing that an offset umbrella can offer is shade when using just seating without a table, as they are freestanding.

2. Market patio umbrellas.
These umbrellas are ideal for outdoor setting tables that have a ready-made hole in them for an umbrella. Market umbrellas are lightweight and easy to handle. They come in many different fabrics and sizes. There are also freestanding umbrellas available.

3. Gazebo’s Patio Umbrella. This type of umbrella is much like a market umbrella although it has a cotton netting around it that makes it ideal to keep bugs and insects out of the way when outside. Most of the netting is machine washable and the umbrella can fold down easily.

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