Beach Umbrellas Are A Necessity

Beach Umbrellas Are A Necessity

We cannot even think about going to the beach without a beach umbrella! The UV rays at the beach are intense and are the number one cause of skin cancer. Beach umbrellas have come a long way in styles, colors and sizes. You can find just about anything you want, but keep in mind the better the fabric used the more sun protection you get.

In choosing a beach umbrella you should research the fabric used and see if it has been rated with an SPF factor such as the way outdoor sports clothing is rated. If you are thinking of a vinyl material it should be made with two or three-ply for increase in sun protection. Another quality your umbrella should have is the ease in putting it up and stability. Many times windy conditions exist at the beach and the umbrella you choose must have flexibility so it does not break or lose its shape. You are able to purchase beach umbrellas with a tilt mechanism, but most beach umbrellas are made to stick right in the sand and can be tilted at an angle to block out most of the sun’s rays. There are devices that can be put down in the sand and attached to your umbrellas for the extra stability that you are looking for. You also want to pay particular attention to ventilation so if you are in windy conditions the umbrella will not blow down the beach and end up hitting someone. The vents allow the air to come and go without disrupting the placement of your umbrella.

Beach umbrellas alone will not protect you 100% from the sun be with the addition of sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats you will be well on your way to blocking out most of the harmful UV rays.

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