Beach Umbrellas Offer Skin Care Protection

Beach Umbrellas Offer Skin Care Protection

The fun of a summer holiday or family vacation to the beach should not be threatened because you don’t have a beach umbrella. These are a hot commodity in order for you and your family to have a fun-filled day in the sun and surf. It is always wonderful to sunbathe and play in the water, but no matter how fun it would be, you have to make sure that you are all safe from the damaging sun rays, so it’s also wise for you to bring a beach umbrella along in case you need or want a break. The beach umbrella is a must-have to protect you from the damaging UV rays whenever it gets too hot or too sunny. When I go to the beach I love being outside in the sun all day, but I also want a break and if you do not have your own umbrella, there will always be one in the beach that can be rented daily or hourly. Now that would be expensive of course, but if you plan to go to the beach often you should consider buying one for your frequent travels.

Beach umbrellas provide a perfect shelter that also protects us from ultraviolet rays. You can spend a great day at the beach relaxing under this umbrella without exposing your skin to the sun. A portable beach umbrella can be taken with you on vacation. In this way, you can be assured that you’ll never be without a shade when you’re ready. One main problem when you rent your umbrella is that you have to get up early morning so you can get one because if not, you might decide to go home early because you’re too hot and the sun has burnt your skin. But keep in mind that if ever you decide to spend the entire day at the beach, you may need the beach umbrella along with sun protection in SPF lotions and a hat.

When you think of a beach umbrella if you like me you think I don’t need one of those ill let the older people deal with that. I could not be more wrong about something in my life. The truth is when we go on vacation we take our skin for granted. Sure I use sunscreen so I should be fine right? Wrong! The sun is a killer and while we all need and want sun, too much time in the sun, especially on vacation, can take its toll. That’s why when I go to the beach now I always make sure I have access to a beach umbrella. You can rent or buy beach umbrellas and honestly, they are not that expensive compared to the consequences later in life perhaps.

I personally like the portable beach umbrella for obvious reasons. I can take it with me on vacation and never worry about finding shade without going inside. Secondly, it’s a great way to secure my section of the beach so no one takes my designated spot. The portable beach umbrella also has a beach umbrella holder as well so I don’t have to worry about my beach umbrella blowing away in the wind. Daytripper makes a portable beach umbrella for a measly $21. It would cost you way more than that to rent one for a week. I never have to worry if I can get up in time to get one of the local hotel beach umbrellas.

The negative to having your own beach umbrella and beach chair is that you have to haul them around and that can sometimes be a pain. That is where beach chair umbrellas are also a must-have. The chairs at the beach have beach umbrellas attached to them making it an all in one package so you do not have to worry about bringing your chair and umbrella.

All of this ties into the fact that your skin starts aging after the day you are born and we tend to not worry about the sun too much especially when we are younger. Then we get older and before we know it out skin is getting lines. We cannot control it by just using a beach umbrella but every little bit of skin care helps. If it means having access to a beach umbrella every year in the summer then so be it. At least I will have done my part in trying to keep my skin looking as healthy as possible by the time in 60.

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