Creating Unique Designs Printed Umbrellas for Promotional

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Creating Unique Design Printed Umbrellas for Promotional

Umbrellas not only give protection from the unexpected downpours but also make a very effective product to act much like a mobile advertising billboard. The logo imprinted or custom design printed umbrella is one of the top ten most effective marketing tools that businesses can use. Are plenty of positive approaches to use the custom Unique Design Printed Umbrellas to promote a brand or product. A major reason is a large space the open umbrella offers. This available imprint space can range from 40 to 100 square inches, which is more than enough space to create the most detailed designs. Also, with the umbrella in use and hoisted high in the air, it is very easy to see in the crowds for great visibility options.

Here are some of the best imprint design options for achieving high visibility:

1. Individual panel

A standard technique Unique design Printed umbrella option is to imprint one or more of the panels to create the required design. A great technique to create maximum visibility is to use multiple colors for the individual panels or a different hue for the top and underside section.

2. Inner panel

A cleverly designed method to catch the attention of potential customers is to add the logo or message to the inner side of the umbrella. This helps to create a more understated design to advertise the brand. A design that takes up the full available space is great For adding a complete brand message, catchy tag line, or artwork.

3. Handle

In addition to marking the actual canopy of the umbrella, there is also the option to add a brand message to the handle. This is a very subtle way to get a message out in the general market. Also, the umbrella with a more neutral design With minimal brand-specific artwork is certain to be appreciated by many people.

A further option to continue marketing when the umbrella is packed up and not in use is to create a unique design for its storage or protector case. Even though there is a lot less advertising space on the case, it can still easily be imprinted with a Company name or brand message.

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