Custom Made Umbrellas Make Your Occasions Special

Custom-made umbrellas are very much in vogue today. The ability to create designs often incorporating photographs of your own and meaningful inscriptions makes them extra special. They are ideal as keepsakes as well as gifting options. There are several occasions to use custom-made umbrellas and we’ve listed a few of them right here.

1.Business occasions

The most obvious items that come to mind for business promotion are stationery and clothing. We rarely think beyond it. Custom-made umbrellas take it a step further. It is an extremely functional item that they can use to shield against the sun or rain. And, every time they do, it will remind them of where it came from.

You can imprint the name and logo of your company on the canopy or have it engraved on the handle. An option is to have your company’s mission or motto printed on it. If these custom-made umbrellas are going to be given out at a specific event, it could include the name, date and venue of the event.

Owners of resorts and hotels, especially the beachside ones, should think of personalized umbrellas, instead of the standard ordinary ones, to use around the premises.

2.Festive occasions

Every Christmas and Easter, you are left banging your head for what will be the best gift for friends and relatives. You can create custom-made umbrellas with symbols of the season or festival. It will make them unique and meaningful.

Going custom-made

Now, the process of creating a custom-made umbrella is no rocket science. There are dozens of online umbrella designers, (you will find them on most umbrella manufacture and distribution sites) that are very easy to use.

You can choose where you would like the matter to be printed – on the canopy, the shaft, the handle or maybe add a label. There is an equally extensive selection of colors to choose from. They come in different sizes (from the standard to the golf size) and different shapes. There are also foldable designs that are large when opened up, but can be easily stashed away into bags when not in use.

So, make gifting extra special by turning ordinary umbrellas into custom-printed ones.

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