Custom Photo Umbrellas – Personalized For Your Business

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Photo umbrellas offer an inexpensive and convenient method of business promotion. Picture umbrellas can be customized to display information such as company profile, product details, recognitions and contact details.

Custom Photo Umbrellas for Business Purposes

Custom picture umbrellas are one of the best methods of business promotion because of the following reasons:

1.Affordable rates

Personalized photo umbrellas are inexpensive, yet effective advertising tools. Picture umbrellas allow wide reach at affordable rates.

2.Brand promotion

 Photos can be used to promote brand equity, through indirect advertising. For e.g., a business organization can distribute picture umbrellas with a social message, while displaying its brand logo for business promotion.

3.Sales pitch

Direct sales messages, such as seasonal sales, discounts and other promotional offers, can be displayed on the photo umbrella.

4.Customer loyalty

Businesses can distribute customized photo umbrellas as rewards to customers. This will generate brand loyalty and supplement customer’s faith in the business.

Steps to Customize Photo Umbrellas

The steps to creating personalized picture umbrellas for businesses involve the following steps:


Design the photo umbrella in an attractive manner. Remember that no one would want to display an uninteresting picture on their umbrella. Businesses can use either their logos or product photographs, along with some interesting pictures on them. Always try to incorporate appealing designs that are subtle, yet convey strong meanings.

2.Add information

Once the elementary designing is done, consider what relevant business information you would like to display on the picture umbrella. It could be your contact details, promotional offers, product USP or any other specific content. Placing relevant and precise information on them fulfills two basic functions. Firstly, no one will place a photo with irrelevant information on display. Secondly, the business message that you want to promote should appear inappropriate words. One can choose to have varied content on different photo umbrellas.

Although custom photo umbrellas are a great advertising tool, using low-quality umbrellas may undo your effort, also they may fall down and get damaged, thus tarnishing the company’s image and consumer’s trust in the brand. So, as a word of precaution, it is essential to hire professional manufacturers of high-quality customized picture umbrellas.

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