Difference Between Sun and Rain Umbrella

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Difference between sun and rain umbrella?

Both Sun and Rain Umbrella can withstand the sun and rain, but the focus is different. Sun umbrellas are mainly used to resist the sun, Rain umbrellas mainly resist water.

1. Different sun protection standards

Sun umbrellas mainly prevent sunlight and ultraviolet rays, so the UPF of sun umbrellas is greater than 50. Umbrella fabrics with UPF greater than 50 are usually two-layer ordinary fabrics or Pongee with black coating. Women usually use sun umbrellas, and the two- layer canopy increases the weight of the sun umbrella, so Sun Umbrella usually uses black coated Pongee Fabric. Rain Umbrellas do not need UPF value greater than 50 (or there is no requirement for Sun protection index)

2. Different wind resistance

Rain weather is often windy, so Rain Umbrella often uses vented canopy for windproof. Sun Umbrella usually uses single-layer canopy for Sun Shade

3. Used on different occasions

Sun Umbrella is usually umbrellas that women carry with them when they go out for entertainment. Therefore, the sun umbrella is small in size and light in weight. Bright patterns are printed on the surface of the sun umbrella. Rain Umbrellas are usually stronger when used in bad weather. The weight is heavier than the sun umbrella, and the volume is relatively large

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