How Do Custom Printed Umbrellas Work As Promotional Items?

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Custom Printed Umbrellas: How Do They Work As Promotional Items?

Umbrellas of various designs have long been a part of promotional product lineups around the world, with those used for golf and rain being the most common. Objects of utility but also style, umbrellas are needed as often as it comes a long, steady rain, which could be more than once week, depending on where you live. That frequency of use makes them potentially good promotional items, not to mention their place on the golf course, the boardroom beyond the boardroom for some companies.

Whether or not to include custom printed umbrellas among your company’s promo items depends in part on the customers and/or potential client companies you would target them at. But there are also some general considerations that help to determine whether an item has promotional value, particularly whether it fairs well or poorly regarding four criteria that usually predict the success or failure of most promotional products: advertising space in terms of product scale, usability, appeal, and longevity.

1.Advertising Space

An umbrella has great advertising space in terms of product scale, with the condition that your logo and contact information are printed on its top, where only taller people could see it once it’s user holds it as intended. Even so, the person that uses it always knows it’s there. And an item that presents its information to a single person could still have a marked impact, especially if that person is a decision-maker at a potential client company.


As aforementioned, a rain umbrella becomes usable when it rains, which could be often or infrequently, depending on your climate. If you live in a rainy climate, or one that gets consistent rain for a season out of the year, an umbrella is a reasonable choice. And regardless of your climate, a golf umbrella could end up being the most important product in your line up, especially if your potential clients conduct business on the golf course or regularly spend time there.


Like other items that offer utility but have room for style, opting for a durable, stylish umbrella is the best way to make it appealing to the individuals that receive it. With some promo products, cheap is the way to go, but not with an umbrella, or anything that a person wears as apparel or carries in plain sight. In such cases, an item reflects the taste of the person, which ultimately makes its appeal a condition of its usability.


If you invest in stylish, well-constructed umbrellas, chances are that they’ll be used for years to come, for rain and to shield the sun on golf outings. Unlike many promo items, those who receive them usually keep rain and golf umbrellas long-term.

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