How to Buy the Best Beach Umbrella

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Beach umbrellas provide comfortable shelter to the people and also protect them from sunlight. Sitting under these umbrellas, one can take rest, or can enjoy his/her beverage. Other than this, by sitting under beach umbrellas, people can enjoy the beauty of the ocean.There are several shops that sell different types of beach umbrellas. Some of the most-used types among them include UV Protection, 7 to 8 Foot Beach, Commerical Grade Beach, and Clamp-On. All of these umbrellas are really useful, but before buying them, it is better to check all its features. Added to this, the materials used, the warranty period, the facility of these products should also be checked. Some of the tips that help people to choose the best beach umbrella are mentioned below:

1. Always try to find out those umbrellas, which provide 30 or above sun protection factors. This is because, a sun protection factor from 2 to 11 provides very little protection, whereas 30 or above provides high protection.

2. During the off-season, umbrellas are usually sold at discounted rates, so if you want to save money, you should always try to purchase umbrella during this offseason.

3. If you want your umbrella to last long, you have to invest extra money and should also focus on the materials that are being used to make this umbrella.

 4. Always choose those umbrellas which have tilting poles. This is because umbrellas with such facilities can be easily moved from one place to another.

5. If you want to keep your hands free, find umbrellas with carrying cases.

6. Always try to buy sand anchors along with your beach umbrella. This anchor will definitely prevent your umbrella from blowing away.

 7. Avoid buying large umbrellas, because big-sized umbrellas can’t be easily moved and will also overload your luggage.

8. Different colored beach umbrellas remain available in the market, so before buying it, make sure which color suits your personality.

Thus, by following these tips, one can pick-up the best-suited umbrella for himself/herself.

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