How to Design an Umbrella

We provide a free umbrella design service, You send logo or design to me, I will send the umbrella design to you. (Email: [email protected])

design your own umbrella

Design Your Own Umbrella

Custom Umbrella with Design Inside

Custom Umbrella with Design Inside

custom design corporate umbrella

Custom Design Corporate Umbrella

design your own photo umbrella

Design Your Own Photo Umbrella

custom design golf umbrella

Custom Design Golf Umbrella

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Wood Umbrellas

custom wood umbrellas no minimum

custom telescopic umbrellas

custom telescopic umbrellas no minimum

custom inverted umbrella

custom inverted umbrellas no minimum

Custom Golf Umbrellas No Minimum

custom golf umbrellas no minimum

1. Choose which umbrella you like on our website

We have a lot of umbrellas for you to choose. such as:beach umbrella, patio umbrella, outdoor umbrella, cantilever umbrella, golf umbrella, clear umbrella, sun umbrella, kids umbrella, inverted umbrella, windproof umbrella, reverse umbrella, transparent umbrella, large umbrella, bubble umbrella,... and More.

2. Confirmed Umbrella Frame Material, Size, Shape, and Colour.

Our main umbrella frame materials are carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, iron, wood, plastic, and rubber. An umbrella can use different materials such as: fiberglass ribs + wood handle + plastic top.

Umbrella frame size: 36 inch , 42 inch, 46 inch, 50 inch, 54 inch, 58 inch, 60 inch, 62 inch, 68 inch, 72 inch, 80 inch, 88 inch, 96 inch, 104 inch, 112 inch, 120 inch,... and More.

Umbrella frame shape: helmet shaped, heart shaped, Bubble Dome shaped, flower shaped, leaf shaped, ordinary shaped, ...and More.

we can custom umbrella frame colour according to your brand colour.

3. Confirmed Handle Material, Shape, Colour.

The main umbrella handle materials are leather, plastic, bamboo, aluminum, iron, rubber, wood, and plastic.

Umbrella handle shape mainly includes C shaped, O shaped, I Straight Shaped, J Hook Shaped, and many customized shapes, please check our umbrella handle category

Any color can be customized on umbrella handle

4. Confirmed umbrella fabric material.

Umbrella Fabric mainly includes Pongee, Transparent Clear, RPET, Nylon, Polyester, Oxford, Silver Coating, Black Coating.

5. Confirmed how to print and the location of logo or design printing

The main printing positions are umbrella canopy, handle, tie wrap, sleeve(pouch), packaging box.

Download umbrella template and use Adobe illustrator create umbrella design.(Add your logo to template adjust logo size and potion. If you already prepare a design, then only need to change the umbrella template to transparent and adjust the size and position.)

6. Confirm umbrella design

Confirm the umbrella design before producing samples. If the design needs to be adjusted, please let us modify it in time.

How can I customize my umbrella?

Choose the umbrella you like, confirm the material, size, shape, and color of the umbrella, and confirm the printing position and confirm customized design or logo, pattern, text, image.

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