Ink For Custom Color Printing

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Ink For Custom Color Printing

Custom colour printing is quite popular for the creation of unique umbrellas for promotional purposes. Usage of special coloured ink and ink cartridges is quite common in custom colour printing services.

Custom colour printing: the new trend

Everyone wants to have a unique document with different colours and combinations that suit his/her needs. This is possible through specialised ink cartridges and inkjet ink that enable printers to provide custom printing services, such as umbrella fabric printing. Coloured pictures and printouts are much in demand for their beautiful and lively presentation. Coloured printer cartridges are generally used for printing graphics and other specialised products.


Customised printing is possible through the use of good quality and appropriate ink cartridges. Most coloured printers use two types of cartridges, one containing black ink and the other containing the three primary colours. Then there are specialised inks that are designed to print photographs.

Most printer manufacturers also supply printer cartridges and inkjet ink required for refill purposes. However, several cheaper options in the form of compatible cartridges or remanufactured inkjet ink cartridges are available on the market. The manufacturers of these products claim to provide quality that matches that of OEM products but at a much lower cost.

Until fairly recently, colour printing was largely dependent on inkjet printing. Some companies, such as Samsung, have, however, recently introduced laser printers that include toners that are kept in bottle-shaped cylinders that slide into colour coded ports in the print engine.

Features of good colour cartridges

The quality of printing depends on the quality of the ink cartridges being used and the continuous supply of ink. Superior printing and perfect images are essential for providing high-quality custom colour printing services. Ink cartridges that are resistant to smudging provide clear and crisp printouts. Another essential feature of good quality ink is that it dries quickly and captures the true colour and even the smallest detail of the graphics and photo image.

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