Most Important Facets of Printed Umbrellas

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The Most Important Facets of Printed Umbrellas

Why are more and more businesses using printed umbrellas as their promotional items? Are personalised umbrellas worth the investment and do they bring in returns? Can they actually help to popularise a brand? These and many more such questions may crop up in your mind when you are trying to decide on promotional items to promote your business. But there are many reasons why promotional umbrellas top the list of promotional products you can choose from.

1.Utility and Value

There are few promotional gifts that can provide you utility for long periods of time and promotional umbrellas are one of them. Promotional umbrellas can be used in any season throughout the year, and this implies that your brand name and logo will be in public view throughout. Well designed custom umbrellas can grab eyeballs in the most crowded of places, thus getting you more visibility. Apart from its utility, promotional umbrellas are also cherished by their owners as valuable items, something that remains permanently with them unlike pens and key chains.


When you buy promotional umbrellas from reputed promotional products suppliers, you get the most value for money. When bought in bulk from umbrella suppliers like Towum Factory, high quality printed umbrellas come to you at unbelievably low rates.


Well crafted custom umbrellas can provide many years of efficient service. They are sturdy companions that stand by you during all the weather upheavals. Classic wooden-handled umbrellas are so sturdy and long lasting that they can be even a part of the family heirloom.


Printed umbrellas can be designed in many sizes, shapes, colors and models. Automatic, foldable promotional umbrellas, golf umbrellas, crooked handled umbrellas, square umbrellas and many more – Promotional umbrellas give scope for creativity and enable use of various colours and innovations to suit specific requirements


What is the point of imprinting your logo on items that don’t give you enough space for your logo, brand name or message be imprinted legibly? Printed umbrellas offer you a huge canopy as your canvas to go bold and attract attention even from a distance. Choose the colour of your canopy in accordance with the colour of your logo. Apart from brand name and logo, imprint also funny or thought to provoke messages that can arouse curiosity in the onlookers. A huge canvas for creative brand promotion can make imprints conspicuous, generating more business for your company.

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