Parts of an Umbrella

Parts of an Umbrella

Umbrella is Mainly Composed of Canopy, Shaft, Ribs, Tips, Handle, Rubber, End Top, Tie Wrap, Sleeve. Different umbrella structures have some differences, but most umbrellas have these parts.

1. Umbrella Canopy

Umbrella Canopy is generally made of fabric, but some special umbrellas are made of other materials, such as straw, PVC or POE. Fabric is also divided into different materials, such as: 1. Polyester/ terylene, 2. Nylon, 3. Pongee/polyester pongee, 4. Silver coated fabric (polyester/nylon/pongee), 5. Pearl-coated/ pearl-shining fabric, 6. Satin fabric, 7. Terelyne/cotton-T/C Polyester/ Cotton-P/C , 8. Embossed Titanium-coated fabric, 9. Oxford fabric, 10. Non woven fabric, 11. Lace Battenburg, 12. Rip-stop fabric/check fabric, 13. Changing coks fabric, 14. Jacquard fabric, 15. Mesh fabric, 16. Embroidered fabric, 17. Applique embroidery fabric.

custom hole canopy umbrella

custom hole canopy umbrella

custom double canopy umbrella

custom double canopy umbrella

Custom Vented Umbrellas

custom vented canopy umbrella

custom full canopy umbrella

custom full printed single layer canopy umbrella

2. Umbrella Shaft (Pole)

Shafts are mainly divided into straight and retractable. The retractable shafts materials are generally metal (such as aluminum and iron). There can be many materials for straight shafts, such as 1. Iron, 2. Aluminum, 3. Wood, 4. Carbon fiber, 5. Fiberglass... And More.

custom Personalized Frame Umbrella

personalized frame umbrella

Custom Wood Umbrellas

personalized wood umbrellas

custom carbon fiber umbrella

personalized carbon fiber umbrella

custom aluminum umbrella

personalized aluminum umbrella

3. Umbrella Ribs

Different umbrella ribs have different material choices. The main materials of ribs are aluminum, iron, wood, resin, glass fiber, and carbon fiber. Some umbrella ribs will have a stretcher underneath, for example, the aluminum ribs,...

Custom Ribs Umbrella

custom ribs umbrella

Custom 24 Ribs Umbrella

custom 24 ribs umbrella

custom double ribs umbrella

custom double ribs umbrella

4. Umbrella Tibs

Ribs have tips at the end, some umbrella tips will be integrated with Ribs, only leaving a small hole to fix the canopy. Common tips are: 1. Self tips (tips and Long ribs integrated), 2. Plastic tips, 3. White nickel-coated metal tips, 4. Black nickel-coated metal tips, 5. Wood tips.

Custom tips Umbrella

personalized tips umbrella

custom j stick umbrella

personalized wood tips umbrellas

Custom Design Cheap Umbrella

personalized plastic tips umbrella

custom design compact aluminum umbrella

personalized metal tips umbrella

5. Umbrella Handle

Umbrella handles mainly have J-shaped and I-shaped, and some customized shapes. The main materials are: 1. Plastic handles (silver-coated/rubber-coated), 2. Clear plastic handles (acrylic handles), 3. Wooden handles (solid wooden), 4. Rubber handles, 5. Feather coated, 6. EVA foam, 7. Rattan handles, 8. Silicon gel handles. Some handles have handle rings on them

custom Personalized handle umbrella

custom personalized handle umbrella

luxury umbrella handle

personalized logo on the umbrella handle

umbrella j handle

personalized umbrella handle colour

custom animal handle umbrella

personalized umbrella handle shape

6. Umbrella Runner

Runner is mainly made of plastic, and some umbrellas are made of metal or wood. Pushing the Runner can open or close the umbrella, which is an important part of the umbrella system.

7. Umbrella End Top

Umbrella End Top fixes the top of the canopy, which is mainly made of plastic, but custom materials and colors or printed logo or design are also acceptable.

8. Umbrella Tie wrap

When closing the umbrella, we need to use Tie wrap. Tie wrap usually has Velcro or metal buckle.

9. Umbrella sleeve

Golf umbrellas and promotional umbrellas generally do not have umbrella sleeve, but retail umbrellas or high-end umbrellas will use umbrella sleeve, which make umbrellas more professional.

Custom Design Umbrella

Custom Design or Logo on Umbrella Canopy

Custom Logo on Umbrella Handle

Custom Logo on Umbrella Handle

tie wrap umbrella

Custom Logo on Umbrella Tie Wrap

promotional umbrellas no minimum order

Custom Design with Logo on Umbrella Sleeve

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