Patio Umbrella Frame Components Buying Tips

Patio Umbrella Frame Components Buying Tips

When purchasing a patio umbrella for your home and back yard pleasure, it is imperative you read all of the specifications needed to make sure you understand exactly what you are purchasing. The following information should give you some basic guidelines to help in making your buying decision regarding a specific frame type: The Patio Umbrella and Market Umbrella Frame: Several basic components of the frame make up the “ribs” of your Outdoor Umbrella. Umbrellas with Cranks and Push Pins: Most aluminum patio umbrellas have either a manual push open lift with a push-button pin or a crank to lift the shade canopy open. The umbrella crank is a device that is rotated to open a patio umbrella. Some aluminum umbrellas have the tilt-mechanism included with the crank to facilitate tilting the umbrella at the same time as opening them. Crank Style Umbrellas are definitely “NOT” recommended for use in commercial applications.

1.Pulley and Pin Umbrellas

Most wood patio umbrellas have a push-up mechanism or pulley & pin type of feature to raise the umbrella. We recommend a simple manual push up the type of operation with pin & hole option to keep the umbrella shade open for commercial applications. All too often restaurants and commercial resorts have challenges with patrons opening & closing umbrellas with pulleys and cranks resulting in damage to the unit or serious safety hazard issues from collapsing umbrellas to the un-aware customers beneath the unit.

2.The Top or Umbrella Finial

The top of the umbrella is called a finial. The umbrella finial adds decorative functionality to your market or patio umbrella and provides the finishing touch to the aesthetics of the umbrella. It also serves the functional purpose of anchoring the top of the shade cover or fabric to the umbrella frame.

3.The Umbrella Pole

The vast majority of umbrella poles are assembled in two pieces for ease of shipping and storage. The most familiar pole materials are wood or aluminum, but also may be fiberglass, steel, plastic or resin composite types. Many commercial grades solid pole umbrellas come as a single solid piece that adds significant strength to help them withstand high wind pressure and the general rigors of commercial umbrella applications around the resort, condominium pool areas, and restaurant applications.

4.The Umbrella Rib Arms

The rib arms of a patio and market umbrella are the pieces of an umbrella frame that spread and support the shade cover into the open position. The higher the rib count usually equals more strength and stability. The Fiberglass ribs featured on some Wind Resistant Market Umbrellas are outstanding at absorbing wind gusts without breaking and last four to five times longer than traditional wood or aluminum ribs.

5.Umbrellas with Tilt Mechanisms

Many residential patio umbrellas have tilt mechanisms as a feature to provide additional shade options for better sun protection. Tilt features come in various assortments, including buttons at the top of the umbrella frame underneath the rib hub, or crank feature tilts in conjunction with the crank handle.

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