Telescopic Promotional Umbrellas To Look In On Business

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Telescopic Promotional Umbrellas To Look In On Business

Telescopic promotional umbrellas are a type of promotional umbrella that is compact and automatically retract and fold. At only 28 centimeters in length on average, they are a great choice for people on the go, commuters and frequent travelers. The metal shaft of the telescopic umbrella makes opening and closing it simple.

Telescopic umbrellas are very modern, and as a result they often have many features that make customers’ lives easier. These umbrellas usually have two layers of nylon, and will effectively block out both heavy rain and bright sunlight.

These umbrellas come with either a wooden or plastic handle. If you opt for a higher-end telescopic umbrella, you can find real hardwood or beech to use with your message. There are a number of rubber or plastic handles in numerous colors. So, no matter what logo or design you choose for your telescopic umbrella, there is a corresponding color of the handle that will match with any style of umbrella.

Clear telescopic umbrellas provide a unique way to display your company logo. A clear dome with a bright logo or design will stand out against a multitude of black and white umbrellas. Clear promotional umbrellas with a brightly colored handle is a good way to make a statement without having to opt for a neon dome or bold color that doesn’t fit with your business or product.

A telescopic golf umbrella is perfect for the golf course, or on a patio. Made for outdoor use in sunshine as well as rain, these nylon umbrellas automatically open and fold with a quick push of a button. They are small enough so that they easily fit in a golf cart or golf bag.

Most telescopic promotional umbrellas come with a carrying case made of nylon or clear plastic. The nylon can either match the umbrella color or be a basic black or white with your logo on the outside. Carrying cases make a telescopic umbrella even more convenient, and can be yet another way to display your business logo. A nylon loop or cord makes for easy attachment to a bag or purse.

A large number of telescopic promotional umbrellas come in heavy-duty materials that will resist damage due to long term use, or storm and rain damage. Your customers will appreciate the extra effort you put into finding high-quality telescopic umbrellas if they are faced with bad weather conditions.

For a light and compact product, look to telescopic umbrellas to promote your business. Many potential customers will love the convenience of these attractive promotional umbrellas, which can easily be folded and put into a bag or purse for travel.

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